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Why choose Steelplan Kitchens – A procurement guide

A community centre or church can never be complete without a welcoming, functional, hygienic kitchen. However, we also understand that installing or renovating your community kitchen might sound like a daunting task.

With restrictive budgets and timelines, it can be tempting to opt for the cheapest, quickest option. But you need to be careful not to be drawn in by false economy. In this instance, value over cheapness is your best route – so you can spend more time enjoying your kitchen, and less time repairing it when it inevitably encounters wear and tear.

When it comes to procurement, we know you may need to consider a few different options so you can be confident you’re getting the best possible value-for-money for your community hub. Here’s why Steelplan Kitchens should be first on your list.

We understand your needs

Your community centre or church isn’t the same as your home. It also isn’t the same as a large-scale restaurant or hotel. So why would it have the same kitchen needs as either one?

We have worked with community centres and churches for decades, helping to build and design kitchen spaces that offer a perfect middle ground between domestic and commercial kitchens. By combining the durability and resilience of mild steel carcasses with the customisability, aesthetics and hygiene of powder-coated mild steel surfaces, our clients get the best of both worlds – a kitchen that both serves its function and oozes character.

Having worked with everything from youth centres to children’s charities and convents, we know the procurement process inside and out. If you want your kitchen project to be in safe hands with end-to-end support throughout, there are no hands safer than Steelplan’s.

We put value over price

Community centre and church kitchens require a fine balance. They have to be durable, easy to clean, and resilient enough for regular use, but they also need to be warm and welcoming to ensure your patrons enjoy using them. On top of all of that, they also have to come with a price tag that you (or the local authority or managing organisation) can justify.

An impossible combination, right?

Semi-commercial kitchens represent the perfect balance – and luckily for you, are our speciality. They don’t succumb to the health or hygiene hazards that are inherent in fragile MDF domestic kitchens, nor are they like institutional, industrial kitchens like you might find in a restaurant. They are easily maintainable, robust, and aesthetically pleasing, all in one.

Made from durable powder-coated mild steel, they are long-lasting, will not contribute to additional maintenance costs from normal wear and tear, and can be sized and customised to perfectly complement your space.

We design kitchens to your bespoke needs

No two community centres or churches are the same – and neither should your kitchens be. Every community kitchen will have different priorities, different designs and different requirements to cater for, which is why having an experienced installation partner is critical.

Having guided countless community hubs and churches through their kitchen transformation journeys, we pre-empt and adapt to issues that you may not have even considered. Things like accessibility for those with visual impairments, safety features for younger users, limiting cross-contamination through design, and more, can all be factored into your kitchen installation.

Even colour is an integral feature of our kitchen design and installation process. Whether it’s using colours that respect and complement heritage buildings such as churches, matching colours to your branding, or adopting accessible colour schemes for people with disabilities – our powder-coated mild steel units come in a range of finishes for you to add that personal touch.

What you see is what you get

You might have an idea of what you want your community kitchen to look like, but being able to visualise the finished outcome isn’t always easy. With Steelplan, we can bring your vision to life so you can be confident that the finished outcome meets your expectations.

Thanks to our free design and consultation service, we can produce a full 3D mock-up of your kitchen in your space using just a few simple details. All we need is the dimensions and photos of your current kitchen area, and we can do the rest.

Kickstart your kitchen transformation journey

Ready to find out if Steelplan Kitchens is the right choice for your space? Why not talk to us about your community centre or kitchen upgrade, or request a free 3D mock-up to bring your visions to life? All you have to do is give us a call: 020 8254 0090

It’s totally free with zero obligations, and it will give both you and the person who rubberstamps your kitchen procurement decision the confidence that you are making the right choice for your community or congregation.

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