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Holt Youth Centre

Providing a safe environment for young people across the community, the Holt Youth Centre in North Norfolk is the place to be. Dubbed one of the most imaginative youth schemes in the UK, this award-winning project wanted to expand its reach by introducing cookery classes to its members.

And for that, they needed a kitchen.

This investment needed to last for years to come while allowing everyone who uses it to feel comfortable and welcomed. They wanted a space that felt like home, as well as giving them the facilities they need to have multiple people in the kitchen at once.

Unlike many other commercial kitchens or ones built for residential settings, they were able to have durable stainless steel carcasses with colourful doors that match the vibrancy and personality of the centre. At Steelplan Kitchens, we can offer more than a standard kitchen – ours can meet your needs both practically and aesthetically.

If this looks like something your community venue needs then be sure to speak to our team to arrange a design consultation. Steelplan Kitchens can help you design and install a semi-commercial kitchen that’s long-lasting, but still makes you feel at home. Get in touch with our friendly team today at 0844 809 9186, or by emailing [email protected].

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