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Why is a semi-commercial kitchen project the best choice for your community hub?

Renovating your community kitchen can feel daunting, but there are ways to make that a smooth and stress-free process.

At Steelplan, we believe that your best choice of kitchen would be a semi-commercial kitchen, as opposed to a full commercial kitchen, on the basis that a domestic kitchen is not fit for purpose, and a commercial kitchen is most likely excessive, and not aesthetically pleasing.

You need design skills. Contact the experts at Steelplan – we’re here to help.

A lot of people have a very clear idea of what they want their kitchen to look like, but it’s frustrating when they can’t explain it or depict it. That can lead to a difficult process trying to communicate what they want, but never quite managing to. Steelplan’s free-of-charge design service makes the whole process easier.

When you select a semi-commercial kitchen from Steelplan we will provide you with a 3D design and consultation service to visualise exactly the kitchen that you want us to create, and give you that control over the result.

The first option is to send us some pictures of your kitchen space, with a rough sketch of the dimensions, and tell us what you wish to include within the kitchen. We will then design the kitchen and present it to you for further dialogue.

Alternatively, we can attend the site, take all the measurements and photographs of the room, and come back to you with a design accordingly. What’s more, that whole process is free.

You can customise your kitchen however you want

Henry Ford famously said of his Model T car that customers could have any colour they wanted, as long as that was ‘black’. If you want the same for your kitchen, we can offer that, but we call it ‘liquorice’ and it’s one of 18 standard finishes that we offer, so you have far more choice.

Choose the look that suits your community and your team, and create a welcoming space that everyone will be excited to use.

A semi-commercial kitchen is durable and hygienic

A community kitchen gets much heavier use than a domestic kitchen, and the build quality needs to reflect that. A semi-commercial kitchen is built to last.

Community kitchens with vinyl-wrapped MDF experience serious wear and tear, meaning that before long the kitchen is unpleasant to look at and unhygienic to use.

Steelplan’s kitchens are made with a mild steel carcass. The worktops are made of Zintec polyester powder-coated stainless steel, with folded upstands. So, how does that help keep the space hygienic?

It eliminates the nooks where bacteria like to gather. There’s no sealant that can peel and harbour germs, and there are no tiles where grouting can absorb moisture. There are no joints between the worktop and the walls, and there is no gap between the sink and the worktop. The whole surface is wipe-clean, and scratch- and chip-resistant.

When you have a semi-commercial kitchen, it is easy to maintain, and you can rely on it keeping its excellent condition for decades to come.

Our team of friendly designers are ready to advise you on your kitchen project. To get started planning your new kitchen, or simply to find out whether a semi-commercial kitchen is right for you, contact [email protected]

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