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Make big plans for your small kitchen

No matter the size, your kitchen is essential to your community. Read how to create the best kitchen with the space you have available.

Your semi-commercial kitchen is at the heart of your community space, whether it’s housed in a repurposed cupboard or a large space for hosting coffee mornings. But if you’re short on space, there are ways you can turn your kitchen into your biggest asset.


What is the primary use of your semi-commercial kitchen? Do you hold regular functions? Or is it a place where volunteers, workers or hall hirers make a cup of tea every few hours? Discovering the purpose of your kitchen can help you narrow down what you need – eliminating the chance for unnecessary purchases.

For example, for functions, you’ll need to focus on places to prepare and store food – so ensuring there is room for a stove top or microwave is vital. On the other hand, to prepare warm drinks, you’ll need to focus on worktop space and storage for mugs.

When you start to gather information, make a list and stick to it. It can be tempting to get carried away when buying appliances or designing a new kitchen, but this will only waste the precious funds you’ve managed to gather.


With small amounts of space, you need to be smart with how you use it, and how often you change it. Worktops that are easy to clean and maintain are vital for a small kitchen. Ones made from MDF are susceptible to weaknesses, particularly around sinks and where food is prepared. This can cause issues surrounding hygiene and may cause you to replace your kitchen sooner than planned.

This can be the same for the carcasses and doors. There are many semi-commercial kitchen providers that disguise residential kitchens as fit for purpose, but they cannot withstand the increased usage. This can end up costing you and your community more in the long run due to repairs.


Many small kitchens come in the galley style, as this allows for maximum use of space – from worktops to storage. Depending on the size and shape of your room, this may be the style you choose to adopt too. However, floor space isn’t the only space there is.

Wall cabinets provide much-needed storage when a kitchen is short on space. As they’re off the floor, they’re ideal for the storage of food, as well as cups and crockery as it is much more difficult for mice and other pests to access them.

Don’t have room for cabinets? Stacked shelving can achieve the same purpose, and can hold small appliances. This way, you can keep the worktop space free for preparation. Both cabinets and shelving have an aesthetic purpose too.

By adopting a sense of symmetry, you can give your kitchen the feel of size, so when your volunteers or members of the public are using it, helping them feel right at home and comfortable in unusual surroundings.

Want to take the next steps in your kitchen plans? Call Steelplan Kitchens on 0844 809 9186, or email [email protected] to make the most out of your small kitchen.

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