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Summer Pests: How to keep them at bay

When the weather gets warmer, a busy kitchen can become a haven for pests. Read how to keep them out.

Summer brings more than warm weather and sunshine – it also brings pests. These are a blight on your church kitchen, as they can spread bacteria and diseases to all who come into contact with it. Here, we break down the ways you can keep pests away from your kitchen.

There are numerous pests that can invade your kitchen, but over the summer these are the most prevalent:


These look for holes in walls, roofs, and floors between May and November – making them a summertime nuisance. They are attracted to light as well as sweet smells so when the days begin to get shorter throughout August and September, they’re still prevalent. Wasps are aggressive and are more likely to sting, which can be a health hazard to all, not just those who present an allergy.


Though harmless to human health, they enter dwellings searching for food – particularly sweet substances. Leaving food on counters will attract them and encourage them to build multiple nests around your kitchen.


Cockroaches invade homes in search of heat. They tend to nest beneath appliances like fridges as they are dark while still pumping out warmth. These pests come out at night so are less easily spotted compared to others, however they must be removed as they are known carriers of diseases like diarrhoea and cholera.


A misconception is that hornets are the most aggressive, but that isn’t true. They will only attack if they think their nest is under attack – but if this is within your kitchen, it’s a major inconvenience as well as a health hazard.


There are many different types of flies, but all come with their own health hazards. The common house fly enjoys the warm weather and searches for food both inside and out of buildings – and carries a horde of bacteria that can cause up to 65 different illnesses. They also leave eggs, which carry their own complications.


It’s obvious but hygiene is vital to keeping pests away from your church kitchen – especially if you want to make it an enterprise. But there are other ways to stop an unwelcome visit. The one thing pests love the most is when kitchens are easy to invade. Making sure that your kitchen is free from holes, cracks, and crevices will stop them from gaining access – but in older kitchens (especially MDF or wooden framed ones) this can be difficult.

This also counts for windows too. Some older church buildings may have gaps in the window seals – a small issue that is a wide-open door for bugs like flies and wasps. Putting up temporary flyscreens can make it more difficult for them to enter – and locking away food in tight containers and well-built cupboards will also block their ability to leave diseases.

Wooden and MDF kitchens are susceptible to pests for a whole host of reasons. When food and drink spillages are not cleaned, they seep into the material which weakens it – in turn, becoming a haven for pests and bacteria. And once they’re inside, it’s difficult to get them out. Some, like mice, can burrow and gnaw at the wood – causing long-term damage. A semi-commercial, powder-coated steel kitchen prevents this, as food and liquid can’t penetrate the surface, and is far more difficult for rodents to make their home.

Steelplan Kitchens installs kitchens made from powder-coated steel. From the inside out, they do not contain any material that may sustain, harbour, or encourage insects or bacteria, making them the perfect choice for keeping your kitchen squeaky clean and free from unwanted intruders.

Are you looking to install a kitchen that deters pests and stands the test of time? Get in touch with Steelplan today by calling 0844 809 9186 or emailing [email protected]

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