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4 common kitchen challenges and how to solve them

Steelplan Kitchens has the experience to provide solutions to any challenge. Here are 4 common kitchen challenges and how to solve them.

Not enough space in your kitchen

With congregations swelling in size after the pandemic, you might be feeling the need to store and prepare more food – but this can be difficult in a smaller space. Does your kitchen layout work for you? Do you have enough space next to the fridge to prepare food, for example? Whether it’s providing additional kitchen storage units or designing and implementing bespoke storage solutions, Steelplan can help.

Worn out/damaged worktops and cabinets

Cabinets that are made from wood, chipboard can crack or chip. They are more susceptible to water damage as they absorb water and they also harbour insects and mite infestations. On the other hand, Steelplan’s semi-commercial kitchens are made of powder-coated steel cabinets with stainless steel worktops. They are durable and impervious to water. And because they come in a range of colours, you can have a kitchen that’s both strong and stylish.

Poor ventilation

Ventilating your kitchens properly is vital for health and safety, but many kitchens don’t effectively channel gases and odours out – but you must be mindful to follow gas legislation. Steelplan’s design expertise means we can also explain the pros and cons of gas, induction or standard electric hotplate cooking. Ensure you have a fan with the right ventilating power fitted in the right location in your kitchen.

Appliances that aren’t suitable for your requirements

Think about the purpose of your kitchen. Are you trying to feed the 5,000? Or do you just need somewhere people can grab a hot drink? Many church kitchens might be over or underequipped for the task at hand, in which case volunteers might struggle to keep up or you could be spending money on appliances you don’t need. Steelplan can advise you on the best appliances as part of our service and design your kitchen accordingly.

Got a problem in your kitchen? Steelplan Kitchens is the solution

These are just several of the common kitchen design issues that Steelplan can help with. We don’t just design and install semi-commercial steel kitchens. We come to your site and identify the best solution for you, taking the guesswork out of your kitchen redevelopment project and ensuring that you can serve up a great experience for your congregation.

Steelplan Kitchens is proud of our experience designing, installing and deploying semi-commercial powder-coated steel kitchens. Got a kitchen problem you just can’t solve? Get in touch with us today on 0844 809 9186 or email [email protected].

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