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Our guide to preparing your church kitchen for winter

With the colder months now drawing in, we’re here to give you a comprehensive guide on how to keep your volunteers and congregation warm, safe and happy this winter.

When thinking about your church kitchen this winter, ask yourself the following questions.

Is your boiler in good working order?

Boilers can be costly to repair and replace, which is why you should be getting it serviced annually (at least) by a qualified gas engineer and check your water pressure. You should be bleeding your radiators at least once annually to release pockets of air that could prevent it from heating up properly.

Are all pipes and tanks in the building working and well insulated?

Pipes need to be insulated with foam to stop water from freezing as it passes through, which could cause blockages and pipes to rupture – this is much more likely in the winter, when temperatures are colder and facilities might not be used every day.

Make sure your oven is maintained properly

Your oven might be seeing increased use during the winter period – particularly when it comes to parties/events around Christmas time/New Year. You should be deep cleaning ovens at least twice a year, using a combination of baking soda and vinegar. Check that burner coils are working properly and that gas pipes are safely connected.

Is your ventilation sufficient?

Extractor fans are also vital for moving humid air outside in the winter. When warm air comes into contact with colder surfaces this can lead to damp, which can cause damage to walls and wooden flooring/countertops. Wood is particularly susceptible to damp (which is why we recommend powder-coated steel cabinets that are impervious to water).

Do you have the right appliances to make hot beverages for your congregation?

We’re guessing you’ll be brewing up more hot drinks than usual in the colder months. Consider getting an instant hot water boiler, which will allow you to pour upwards of 60 fresh cups of boiling water instantly (depending on the size of the boiler you procure). You might also want to rethink your storage and service spaces so that you can deliver tea and coffee as efficiently as possible after services.

Do you need new countertops?

Now might be the time to consider whether you need new countertops for preparing food. We recommend stainless-steel worktops which are incredibly sturdy, long-lasting, hygienic and impervious to water damage – unlike cheaper laminate or polymer-based worktops.

Is it time for a new kitchen feature or layout?

For example, you might consider a kitchen island that will give you more space to prepare food or store equipment. You could also invest in mobile islands that can be moved around the kitchen, or multipurpose islands that can provide additional dining space.

Now for the good news…

Steelplan can help you prepare your kitchen for winter

Steelplan has years of experience providing semi-commercial kitchens of all shapes and sizes: we can also advise you on maintenance and appliances that will ensure your kitchen can weather any storm and provide a safe, hygienic and extremely sturdy environment that will meet all of your cooking requirements.

Are you looking to revamp your kitchen with a durable, long-lasting semi-commercial kitchen? Call the Steelplan Kitchens team on 0844 809 9186 or email us at [email protected].

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