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Your kitchen can unlock new opportunities for your church – from better serving the community to bringing in much-needed funding. Here, we look at the possibilities for your church kitchen.

Many churches don’t realise the full potential of their kitchen space. With the right equipment and layout, a church kitchen can serve its local community as well as its congregation – and be a valuable source of income to support the church and its charities. Whether you’re hiring it out for celebrations and quiz nights or used to provide a service to vulnerable people in the area, your kitchen can unlock new opportunities for your church.

Branch out

Coffee mornings, Sunday lunches, afternoon teas – building a community starts in the kitchen, but whether selling food to the public, or serving the homeless, you want a kitchen you can be proud of, but also one that is fully functional and able to keep up with the demand. With a robust kitchen, and the opportunities it creates, your church can build new relationships and serve your congregation, while improving outreach into the wider community.

Raise revenue

Revenue generation can be far from the top of a church’s priority list, yet we all know that funding a busy church can be a challenge. With a new kitchen, you can generate profits for your church and see a strong return on your investment. Churches can be used for all kinds of events – from weddings to committee meetings or cookery evenings and Brownies. Your church is the perfect place to bring people together, and renting your space out for activities can help your church thrive and bring in much-needed funding for church projects, charities or maintenance. Need to fix the hole in the roof? Now is the time to share your church hall and catering space for a fee, and use them to organise your own fund-raising events. However, it’s important to bear in mind that if you want to hire out your church kitchen for local events, or arrange your own events, a standard domestic MDF model is neither adequate for purpose nor up to the hygiene standards demanded by Environmental Health. To be confident on user safety, hygiene and comfort, you need a commercial-grade framework.

Cosy or commercial

One of the biggest challenges of renovating a church kitchen is creating a look and feel suitable for a church environment, while building a space that can cope with a lot of wear and tear. With a semi-commercial kitchen from Steelplan Kitchens, you can create a domestic feel with all the robustness of a commercial space. Our colourful powder coated steel cupboards are as durable as a restaurant-quality kitchen, without the harsh, sterile appearance of a full stainless-steel design. You can find out more about what makes our kitchens different here: Introducing Steelplan Kitchens.

To find out about fitting a bespoke kitchen at your church, contact Steelplan Kitchens on 0844 809 9186.

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