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Big or small, the church kitchen plays an essential role in the congregation. Here’s how to make the most of yours

Utilise the walls
Churches often have small or awkwardly shaped kitchens, but this doesn’t mean you need to cut back on equipment. A great way to maximise space is by going up. By mounting appliances like microwaves and water boilers on the wall, you can save precious worktop space. Shelving can be very useful here too: look at storing any lightweight, occasional-use items on top shelves – just make sure there’s easy access with a foot stool.

Go pro
Investing in commercial appliances – such as a commercial dishwasher or water boiler – will help you save space in the long run. Dishes can be washed in minutes, and teas can be made faster – and safer – than when using an urn. This prevents washing-up piling up and a back log of hot drinks, saving you space and making your kitchen a much calmer place. Small commercial dishwashers often come with excellent storage options too, with some especially made for small spaces. Look at well-designed commercial sinks too – you may not have space for a double sink, so consider a single sink or one-and-a-half sink instead.

Choose steel
A big issue with any small space – especially in kitchens – is keeping it clean and tidy. After all, you’ll most likely be doing the prepping, cooking and washing up all in the same small space, so having easy-to-clean surfaces is essential. Stainless steel is a brilliant option for keeping surfaces. And if you’re concerned about it looking clinical, don’t be: you can now opt for steel units in a range of colours to keep your space welcoming and cosy.

Think, do I need an actual kitchen?
If your church kitchen space is really small, and you don’t use it for cooking, you could consider a hospitality suite or a custom-built pod instead. This can be a good option for kitchens in listed buildings too, as it minimises the potential for building work. A hospitality suite or pod can be custom fitted to suit your needs, and can include a plug-in hob, microwave and warming cupboard, a wet area, plenty of storage and a wall-mounted instant water boiler. And with appliances like these you’ll be amazed by how much you can achieve.

Plan, plan, plan
Before you start, you have the plan. With a small space it’s imperative you make the right choices about which appliances, equipment and furniture you need. Think about what you use your church kitchen for – spend a few weeks jotting down every function that involves food and drink, which appliances were used, how many people served and so on. This will give you valuable insight and prevent you from making mistakes when it comes to the refurb.

To find out more about changes you could make to your church kitchen, speak to one of our Steelplan advisers on 0844 809 9186.

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