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Harvest festival is an important part of every church’s calendar, but how much can you utilise your kitchen for September’s big event?

As the leaves start to turn and the days grow shorter, there’s no mistaking that Harvest festival will soon be upon us. Up and down the country, community centres, schools and churches are gearing up to collect donations and host festivities for the annual Harvest festival – ready to provide food and drink to those who in need. But is your church kitchen ready?

What Harvest festival means today
Traditionally held on or near the Sunday of the Harvest Moon, this year’s festival is on September 22nd. And while, in the past, the festival focused on celebrating that year’s harvest, today’s festival has also become an opportunity to reflect on those in need and provide charity. For this reason, many churches hold events, as well as organising food donations and home visits.

Harvest festival is a brilliant opportunity to bring together your congregation, but whatever celebration you’re planning, there are issues you’ll need to consider – such as public liability insurance, noise guidance, and health and safety. Make sure your policies are up to date and your volunteers have all the training they need before partaking in some of the following events:

Sunday school party
If your church has a Sunday school, why not suggest a Harvest party with a simple cooking competition? The children can prepare harvest-themed treats in the church kitchen – think pumpkin muffins and moon-shaped cookies – and learn about the importance of seasonal food and sharing.

Barn dance and supper
Why not organise a dance and light supper in the church hall, with members bringing a bottle of their favourite tipple? This is another great way to encourage your congregation to come together and celebrate the festival.

Charity bake off and coffee morning
There’s no better time to organise a bake-off, and you could even consider a charity edge to the coffee morning by charging a small fee and asking the attendants to judge the cakes. Put all the proceeds raised to a local cause and donate any leftover cakes to your local food bank.

Choir concert and dinner
If your church has an active choir, why not suggest they put on a concert for Harvest festival? Add to the festivities by recruiting some volunteers and preparing seasonal dishes to be served throughout the evening. And if you’d like to raise some funds for a local cause, or just to cover the costs, consider charging a small ticket fee.

To find out more about fitting a bespoke kitchen at your church in time for next year’s Harvest festival, contact Steelplan Kitchens on 0844 809 9186.

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