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As experts in planning, designing and creating your kitchen, we understand that every church is different. Size, requirements, budgets – you name it, Steelplan have installed it. And it’s the same with appliances.

Whether your church runs weekly coffee mornings for the congregation or serves daily meals, appliances are the key to a well-oiled kitchen. From gas to electric, we can advise you on whatever commercial or domestic appliances you require. The key is understanding how many times a week they will be used, how many people will be using them and why your kitchen needs them.

Time for tea?
Pouring upwards of 60 fresh cups of fresh boiling water in an instant could change the way your church makes hot drinks. Trust us, when you’ve made a round of tea with an instant water boiler, you’ll never use a kettle again. However, if your regular events are of the smaller variety, a tea urn is a good back up to your usual kitchen kettles. Unsure which one is most suitable? Steelplan can advise on the right models for you and the space in your kitchen.

Clean the dishes
Improving the efficiency of your kitchen with a 60-second cycle, a commercial dishwasher can answer all your washing-up woes. Not only will you serve your community on 100% sanitised dishes, but these machines also save a lot of time for your volunteers. If your kitchen is a busy place with a hungry congregation, or hosts a lot of large events, a commercial dishwasher is ideal, particularly when you consider that the average cycle of a domestic one is 45-60 minutes. However, if time isn’t of the essence, or you are serving a smaller crowd, a domestic dishwasher will do the trick. If you’re catering for less than 30 people, a good-sized sink with a drainer and overhead rinse hose is just the job.

Congregation cooking
When it comes to preparing meals in your church kitchen, there are many options available, depending on what food you are serving, for how many people, how often and whether you hire out the space for weddings, parties or banquets. For busy kitchens, you might need to look at multiple ovens, several integrated hobs, commercial microwaves and warming equipment. And if your kitchen is regularly used by professional caterers, commercial-level cooking appliances are a great addition – just bear in mind that a complicated system can be dangerous or confusing for your weekly Slimming World or PTA meetings.

There are lots of combinations to consider, all of which our consultants can talk through with you during the design and decisions process. It’s worth considering what the kitchen will be used for every week, and what you want it to be capable of – with our semi-commercial kitchens, we can cater for all your requirements, while also providing the look and feel of a domestic one.

A semi-commercial kitchen is a great option for a church kitchen, as its steel construction and customised powder-coated doors bridge the gap between commercial quality and a cosy domestic feel. Find out how Steelplan Kitchens can help: call us on 0844 809 9186 and speak to one of our kitchen design specialists.

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