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Put your church at the heart of your community this Christmas: feed the homeless and bring hope to those less fortunate during Advent

Christmas is one of the most important times of year in every church’s calendar. Not only is it when the community is brought together with special services, carol concerts and Christingles, but it’s also time to reach out to those in need.

We understand that December is a particularly busy time for churches, but with one in four homeless people in the UK spending Christmas Day alone, your church kitchen could make a difference. By offering food, comfort, shelter and companionship in a safe and welcoming community, you could play a vital role in combatting the loneliness and isolation that homelessness brings.

Feeding the five thousand
From soup kitchens to a full Christmas dinner and coffee mornings, there’s a variety of options for your church, depending on the size and capabilities of your kitchen. But big or small, you can help role at a time that is difficult for some of your local community.

Soup kitchens are great for providing a warm and comfortable space for the less fortunate and, although money can be difficult for some of your congregation, most of them will be willing to donate soup, tea bags and other essentials to get your soup kitchen off the ground. If you want to give more, many churches across the UK also supply a full Christmas dinner to those in need.

Thriving on a strong community spirit, your church could host a meal on Christmas Day, bringing joy to those who have nowhere else to go. This is a lovely way to use your kitchen and share the true meaning of the festive period. Just bear in mind that with this large offering, not only will your kitchen need to be up to the job of feeding and watering your visitors, but it will also need to be well stocked with volunteers too.

Playing a part
If your church kitchen isn’t yet ready to dish up a full roast and all the trimmings this Christmas, you could consider free coffee mornings during Advent for the local community, or food banks, led by the caring donations of your congregation.

Alongside these wonderful offerings, could you also provide clothes, blankets, sleeping bags and toiletries; or a counselling service? Your church is just the place to provide a welcoming sanctuary to the homeless and vulnerable, who will come to you for a non-judgmental environment, security and nourishment.

Is your kitchen ready to help the homeless at Christmas? Steelplan’s uniquely durable kitchens will serve your church well for this Christmas and in to 2020. So, it you’re looking to upgrade your existing kitchen or install a new one, Steelplan Kitchens offer a free consultation – call us on 0844 809 9186.

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