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4 tasks that are so much easier with a Semi-Commercial Kitchen

Churches and community centres sometimes make the mistake of choosing a domestic-style kitchen. Unfortunately, that choice makes it harder to use, clean, and maintain the kitchen. Here are a few of the things that a semi-commercial kitchen makes easier and make the ideal solution for its users.


Your kitchen gets a lot of use, and that means a lot of cleaning. Most people will want to spend as little time as possible cleaning, while still keeping the kitchen hygienic. The materials in a domestic-style kitchen are not that easy to clean, compared to a semi-commercial kitchen. That means when the kitchen gets used heavily, it takes a lot of time and effort to keep it hygienic, and even then you can’t be sure it’s properly clean.

A Steelplan semi-commercial kitchen is hygienic by design. The 304 Grade 240S grit silicone-impregnated stainless steel worktop is easy to wipe clean using basic cleaning products, and it eliminates the spaces where bacteria thrive.

It features a folded rear upstand so there’s no grouting or silicone where bacteria can settle, and its welded sink prevents spaces between the sink and surface, which are hard to reach with cloths and where bacteria thrive.


When lots of people use a kitchen, the wear and tear can get very heavy very quickly. That is, unless you choose the right materials.

A Steelplan semi-commercial kitchen features a mild steel carcass and a stainless steel worktop (with alternative options available such as granite and quartz). Compared to a wooden or domestic-style kitchen there’s little to no maintenance required because the build quality is so high, and the materials are so durable. That means you don’t have to spend your time and money fixing problems.


If you choose a Steelplan semi-commercial kitchen you get the flexibility to customise your kitchen to your specific usage. Our experts work with you throughout to create a kitchen that’s designed for your space and equipped for your needs.

That means you can pick the design and the equipment that works for you. A church or community kitchen probably doesn’t need lots of specialist equipment, but if you have big plans we can help you implement them, and guide you accordingly.

If something like a pizza oven, a griddle, or even a potato warmer would help you make the food you want to make and cater for the events you want to hold, we can take that into account and incorporate it into the design.


Because Steelplan semi-commercial kitchens are designed by experts in church and community kitchens, they’re planned with multiple users in mind. That means we take into account the flow and the interaction of the kitchen team, and create a space that maximises safety and efficiency.

That includes the essential kitchen triangle (the arrangement of the refrigerator, worktop, and sink in relation to each other), but also considers the shape and size of the room, and the equipment it includes.

To explore how a perfect kitchen would look in your church or community centre, with expert design advice, get in touch. Our designers are on hand to consult on the best solution for your space. [email protected]

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