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Here are 5 events you can hold in your new community kitchen

Have you ever wondered why Michelin – the tyre manufacturer – is the global authority on fine dining?

It was a marketing stroke of genius: they didn’t simply tell people about the quality of their tyres. They captured their audience’s imagination by putting together a list of places those tyres could take you.

In the same way, the most exciting thing about installing a new semi-commercial kitchen isn’t just how durable it is, or how easy it is to clean – for you and your community, it will be the exciting events you can hold that will bring your community together.

So, if you are just starting to put together next year’s social calendar, take inspiration from these events – and these delicious recipes – that you can hold using your new semi-commercial kitchen.

1. Introduction to Cooking and Kitchen Hygiene

Once your new semi-commercial kitchen has been installed, it may just take your community members a bit of getting used to.

Not only does a quick induction for any new staff and budding cooks let you explain the necessary safety and hygiene procedures, but it also helps you familiarise them with where all the cooking and hygiene equipment is.

It’s a brilliant way to kick off the year, and if you are able to book slots, you can use it as an opportunity to meet and greet your community.

Recipe Recommendation: It’s no secret that inductions aren’t the most exciting part of using a kitchen – but you can make the time fly by tasking your participants with this delicious 30-minute cookie recipe.

It’s a simple, and fuss-free recipe with a tasty reward for them to take away, and you can use this induction to show all your cooks where everything is (and where it goes back when they are done.)

2. Summer of Sport

Summer is always an exciting time for sports fans. Whether it’s a World Cup, European Football, Wimbledon, or the Olympics, your community centre can be at the heart of it with viewing parties, tournaments and sports days.

It’s particularly important for your younger visitors to learn about the benefits of healthy living (best done whilst having fun) and you can use the opportunity to teach them how eating well is just as important as having plenty of exercise.

Recipe Recommendation: Crowd-pleasing events need crowd-pleasing dishes – whipping up a few trays of fresh veggie nachos will keep the hunger at bay.

3. Meat-free Mondays

If your church or community centre runs any special vegetarian or vegan events, and particularly if you make use of a community garden, your semi-commercial kitchen can be the place to help even sceptical cooks fall in love with veggie dishes.

The best part is that, even if you do trail in mud and dirt from your community garden, a polyester powder-coated mild steel kitchen is easy to clean using over-the-counter cleaning products, so you can focus less on hygiene and more on the tasty treats below.

Recipe Recommendation: want fast-paced social cooking with a satisfying reward? Try these delicious vegetarian tapas recipes. We highly recommend the wild mushroom croquettes, patatas bravas, and the spinach and chickpea dish.

4. Charity Cook out

Charity cookouts – very popular stateside – are an ideal ‘end-of-summer’ send-off. It’s no wonder they’re so popular, as they bring communities together over delicious, soul-warming barbecue.

You can even take the opportunity for good food to do good as well: why not get the support of a local charity to organise some live music, a raffle and games – with a token fee for entry, you can gear up to raise a generous sum for a cause you care about.

Recipe Recommendations: smokey barbecues are best done outside – but that doesn’t mean your semi-commercial kitchen can’t play a part. Comforting side dishes such as ‘slaw’, beans and cornbread can even give the best rib a run for its money.

5. A wellbeing walk with your four-legged friends

Keeping active isn’t just great for your physical health – it’s great for your mental wellbeing, too. In fact, it’s not just humans that benefit, but their furry friends, too.

If you and your community are crazy for your canines, why not organise a community well-being walk, ending at your community centre for some tasty, dog-friendly treats?

Recipe Recommendations: your pets don’t have to miss out: these delightful baked dog treats with peanut butter are a safe and tasty treat for your furry friends that can be cooked up in your kitchen in just a few minutes.

If food brings communities together, then having a place to prepare it is a must.

If you feel that your kitchen isn’t letting you fulfil all of the ambitions you have for your community centre, then it might be time to upgrade to a Steelplan semi-commercial kitchen.

It all starts with our free design and consultation service, where just a few photos of your current kitchen can help us design a durable yet welcoming upgrade that will be up to the occasion of even your most popular events.

Simply get in touch with our team to learn more about this free, no-obligation service.

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