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Ranked: the materials in your kitchen

When it comes to designing your new community kitchen, it can be easy to be drawn in by the many different types and styles of kitchens out there. Choosing the right one for you is important – especially if this is set to be a long-term investment, or will be used by members of the public.

We’ve ranked the most common materials you’ll come across when purchasing your kitchen, and whether they will help or hinder your future plans for your community venue.

#3 MDF

Wooden and MDF are the most popular materials for kitchens in the UK. You are very likely to have one of these kitchens in your home – and they are perfectly suited for residential settings.

However, in a more commercial application, they aren’t best suited. They suffer from wear and tear quickly, which can lead to larger problems like hygiene and food standards not being up to scratch, as food and liquid can seep into the material and cause bacterial growth.

Though they create an atmosphere of feeling at home, they will come with the small annoyances you have at home too. Hinges that break, chips in doors, and the fact that over a relatively short period of time, they become tired and will need replacing. Certain fascias such as melamine can also over a period of time be pulled off, exposing the raw MDF and wood at the core of the structure. Once fluids like water, grease, and steam get into these materials, the end result is not good!

As they are not conducive to a semi-commercial application, like a church or village hall kitchen, this should be at the bottom of your list for kitchen materials.

#2 Fully commercial stainless steel kitchens

If MDF and wood are our bottom choice, then what is next?

Though designed to be in commercial settings, commercial kitchens are next. Used for restaurants, and made of only stainless steel these are strong and durable and will withstand the bustling workplace.

However, is this suitable for your needs? It could be – but if you have a servery counter, imagine your community staring at it while they are trying to enjoy their time at your location. They are very cold, bland, and institutional looking, making the area feel very unwelcoming, and almost daunting.

If you are setting up a cafe within your community venue, or wish to hire it out to the general public, such a big setup may scare them away as they will be unfamiliar with how it all works. This is why some people are lured in by residential wood and MDF kitchens; the security of feeling at home within it becomes essential rather than finding what’s best.

Practicality and aesthetics need to be at the top of your list when choosing your kitchen, which leads us to our top pick.

#1 A Semi-commercial powder-coated kitchen

The best of both worlds, a Steelplan powder-coated steel cabinet in a range of 20 different colour choices complemented with made-to-measure stainless steel worktops, and a mix of domestic and commercial appliances is the happy medium. It offers you the strength and durability of the fully commercial option, while offering you the design aesthetics of a domestic kitchen.

What’s more, these powder-coated stainless steel semi-commercial kitchens can fit both large and small spaces, and can be fitted alongside the familiar home-like appliances you will be used to using.

It’s practical and welcoming – the perfect balance for any community setting – which is why this is our number one pick.

At Steelplan Kitchens, our design team can help you create and install a semi-commercial kitchen that’s long-lasting, but still makes you feel at home. Get in touch with our friendly team today at 0844 809 9186, or by emailing [email protected].

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