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Why should you open a community cafe?

If you’ve decided that a cafe is the thing your community needs to bring them together, then you will have considered some of the benefits. You will also have asked, “can my kitchen handle the amount of extra work that will come with running this new addition?”

We understand. Questions like these are often asked, but did you know there’s more to gain from your cafe than revenue? We’ve compiled some of the benefits you stand to gain from opening a cafe, and how a semi commercial kitchen can help.


As we begin to fall into hard times again, loneliness is a threat that could rise. For many, the simple act of meeting friendly faces for a cup of coffee allows them to have the interaction they need.

Make sure your semi commercial kitchen is well equipped to cater to small and large crowds alike. A large water urn, for example, will provide plenty of hot water for multiple teas and coffees. In comparison, kettles won’t cover many drinks, and will need to be constantly refilled and boiled.

If you want to serve cakes and bakes, make sure you have enough oven space to make enough batches, as well as clean and plentiful surface space for preparation.


With the opening of your cafe, you can host other events beyond the daily drinks. Thanks to your semi commercial kitchen, your community venue can be the place for large lunches – even pot luck ones.

With the ability to heat up and store more food, members of your community are able to bring their own culinary masterpieces and share them with others.


With more people deciding a hybrid way of working is their ideal, sometimes it can be difficult to arrange meetings for when they are in the office. Many will be searching for a neutral place nearby that can offer a more professional background than the living room.

Your cafe could be the answer. With tea and coffee readily available – possibly some sweet treats thrown in- hybrid and remote workers will be able to enjoy meetings, as well as a new atmosphere.


With school, revision, exams, and other activities, young people have a lot on their plate – gaining experience in the world of work can take a back seat.

However, with a local cafe close by that is calling for volunteers, you will offer an opportunity for young people to be able to boost their skills. They can learn valuable things like how to manage a register, great customer service, cleaning in a professional setting, and so much more.

As places in higher education and jobs become more competitive, a volunteering job on their application or CV shows that they have initiative and care for others – soft skills that employers or admissions will actively look for.

Steelplan Kitchens can offer expert advice. We design bespoke kitchens for community venues of all shapes and sizes, so get in touch with our friendly team today on 0844 809 9186, or by emailing [email protected].

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