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Tips for hosting events at your community venue

For many, the current crisis has shown one thing – communities are still vital. As we’ve learned from the Covid pandemic, pulling together and providing a source of support and reassurance locally is important, not just for those who don’t get much interaction, but for the mental health of the entire community.

Whether for a summer fete, or a winter warmer coffee morning, community events can be a source of entertainment in a time when going out to far off places is now off the table. As a local hub, your hall or church can be at the heart of this activity – and a semi commercial kitchen can help accommodate every activity.

Here are some top tips for hosting events at your community hall or church to keep the spirit of communities alive.


It may come as a surprise, but many people are more than happy to donate their time and effort to bring some happiness to their community. With tough times ahead, people will be looking closer to home for ways to keep themselves entertained in an inexpensive way.

Couple this with a kitchen that is easy to use and inviting, new volunteers will start to feel at home as they help out.


Try to keep the local economy moving by inviting close vendors to your events. Many small businesses will be vying for opportunities to share their products, whether that’s fantastic food, crafts, or any other services that your community will enjoy. Your semi commercial kitchen can help them set up, or be an inviting place to offer them refreshments when they need to take a break.

You’ll soon gain an address book of contacts to ask when bigger events come around.


Before hosting any big scale event, like a bake sale or needing warming facilities for a cook off, you need to ensure you have the equipment to ensure it’s a success. Your old kitchen may have the resources to quickly make the opdd tea or coffee, but it would most likely not be able to support a full-scale event.

Where members of the public are concerned, hygiene is the number one priority. No one wants to work in surroundings that may be unsafe. A brushed stainless steel kitchen allows for a safer environment, as food and drink does not seep into the material, making ti easier to clean and maintain.


Need to prepare for a larger event? Your smaller events can be used as a donation drive. For example, baking. Hosting a cake sale is inexpensive, so there’s a good margin to be made from the products – a margin that can be used for a Bonfire Night event.

Baking can be done at home, but with your semi commercial kitchen, you could turn the cooking process into a workshop – bringing the community together for all elements of the journey, offering company and the chance to save some money on bills at home.

Steelplan Kitchens can offer expert advice. We design bespoke kitchens for community venues of all shapes and sizes, so get in touch with our friendly team today on 0844 809 9186, or by emailing [email protected].

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