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Summer fun: catering for a crowd this season

Food is at the heart of the community, and your church kitchen could be a hive of culinary activity this summer. Here’s a few things you could offer over the holiday season.

As the warmer weather begins to settle in and families start to plan days out, we’re sure you and your church community will have considered the endless possibilities of hosting clubs and activities over the summer. Here are some of the fun ways you can make your church a social hub this summer, entertaining your congregation and maybe even attracting some new members to your congregation.


The idea of the community gathering to celebrate in the sun is a tradition as old as the church itself, and as we move into modern times, there’s still nothing quite like fresh food and baked goods at a summer fete. They are also a lovely way to raise funds for the church and welcome people into your community in a relaxed, friendly way.

Rather than wrangle with countless Tupperware and wooden worktops that stain, a steel semi-commercial kitchen would be the lift your fete needs. A Steelplan kitchen provides warming and cooling facilities, ample counterspace for storage and preparation, and the opportunity for cooking on-site.


As schools take a well-earned break, youth and kids clubs can provide a source of entertainment away from home, and you could host. Why not teach some essential life skills while they are there, like cooking, baking, and food hygiene? You could even host your own junior bake-off over the course of the summer, with prizes for each week’s winner.

However, MDF doesn’t stand the test of sticky fingers and accidental damage. Our powder-coated steel doors and drawers are impervious to small hands and the germs they bring – making them hygienic and easy to maintain. No matter how much you use it, it’ll still look and feel brand new, as they don’t corrode or soak up water.


Does a community group near you need a place to relax and socialise? Coffee mornings are a great stepping-stone before opening a fully-fledged café, and over the summer months they can be a great break for harangued parents (especially if they coincide with kids clubs or activities).

Then your kitchen could be exactly what they need. Thanks to our sturdy structures that come in an array of beautiful, stylish colours you can create a warm, safe environment for those to visit and feel welcome. Plus, the extra storage allows for higher capacity and to keep food fresh for longer. As the weeks go by, your volunteers and community will love being in and returning to your kitchen, especially for events.


Create the opportunity for your neighbours to get together under your roof and share food together. In the US, potluck parties are a popular way for communities to get together, where everyone brings a dish to share. The more people, the more food there is to go around! You could make a whole day of it, opening the kitchen early to allow people to start preparing meals, and hosting some small events and prayer meetings throughout the day.

If you love these ideas, but know that your kitchen just wouldn’t be able to cope with them, it could be time to explore installing a new semi-commercial kitchen in time for next year’s summer fun. To find out whether a semi-commercial kitchen from Steelplan would be a cost-effective choice for your church, speak to our friendly design team: mail [email protected], or give us a quick telephone call on 0844 809 9186 to begin your semi commercial kitchen journey.

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