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Steelplan Q+A: “Do I need a commercial kitchen?”

Churches and places of worship are always asking us if they need to install a commercial kitchen. We’ve filtered away the fiction, and the facts might surprise you.

“Our church community has agreed to open our kitchen for events during the weekends and evenings, as well as a café during the week. We have a domestic kitchen fitted – do we need to install a fully commercial kitchen?”

The answer is – not always.

First and foremost, does your current kitchen meet your requirements? The best way to get started is by using our simple kitchen audit. It will help break down the key questions and focus points. For example, if you have a domestic kitchen, it isn’t designed for heavy traffic. They’re mainly manufactured using wood and MDF – and with use they age, crack, and generally need more TLC to stay hygienic. In turn, this leads to high maintenance costs. So, print out the sheet, head to your church, and discover how your kitchen fares.

If your current kitchen isn’t fit for purpose, that doesn’t mean you need to jump straight to a fully commercial model. Not only are they expensive, but they can be imposing and difficult to use. Your weekly volunteers may find this unfamiliar setting too intimidating to make a good cup of tea or to set out some cakes. However, if you wish to turn your kitchen into an enterprise, then you may think it’s the only option considering how hygienic they are compared to domestic models. But that’s not true.

With a semi commercial kitchen, you have the best of both worlds. A semi-commercial kitchen looks and feels like a domestic space – thanks to fully customisable doors in an array of colours – but is instead built with a stainless-steel carcass. This makes them hard-wearing and an investment to last you through whatever plans you make. Plus, as it’s made from powder coated steel, it’s easy to clean and stays clean – from the inside out.

What goes under your worktop is just as important to your success. If your appliances aren’t up to the task of catering for a crowd, then maybe it’s time to replace them too to ensure they’re up to the task and can meet the demands of your new enterprise. Again, you need to think about what appliances you need for your purpose: a commercial hob, for instance, is going to be intimidating and difficult to use if your kitchen is run by volunteers or rented out for parties. Our friendly design team is here to help you choose the right appliances for your needs, like instant water boilers, dishwashers, warmers, and more.

At Steelplan Kitchens, we’ve helped churches up and down the UK to fit kitchens that allow them to make the most of their kitchen – even in small spaces and listed buildings — as well as get the best value from their investment. Whether you know what you want or need a helping hand, email [email protected], or give us a quick telephone call on 0844 809 9186 to get started.

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