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Do you need more storage in your church kitchen?

Do you have space for more storage in your church kitchen? We give you the lowdown on our wide range of storage solutions, while showcasing why powder-coated steel storage solutions are far superior to wooden/chipboard/MDF options.

With churches back in full swing, now is the time to consider your church kitchen storage. Perhaps you are looking to entertain a larger congregation, or maybe you want the space for more crockery/cutlery or appliances to support community events. Either way, you’ll want storage solutions that are durable, have a large capacity, are easy to clean, and of course look minimalistic.

You’ll know you need more storage if:

  • You are struggling to put everything away after services/events
  • A pileup of pots/pans is causing health and safety issues or slowing down cooking and cleaning
  • Your existing storage solutions are made from Wood/MDF, so they are susceptible to all the issues that come with it (i.e. they are more difficult to clean, more likely to harbour insects, and more likely to get damaged as they are not as strong and durable as a powder-coated storage solutions)
  • You have empty walls that could easily feature additional storage to make your kitchen more efficient

Steelplan can support you on your storage needs – below, we’ll give you a rundown on the different storage options we have available, as well as outline our installation process.

Steelplan Kitchen’s products include:

  • Under-worktop cabinets: Full-height, drawer-line and sink-base units with drawers and cupboards in a variety of sizes
  • Wall mounted cabinets, available with or without controlled locks
  • Floor standing larder units, available with either a single door or 50/50 doors
  • Broom store larders that can be used to store long-handled brooms and mops
  • Larder lockers designed to provide small individual locked space for users
  • Oven housing larders designed to house either a single or double built-in oven
  • DDA-compliant floor standing units designed to house a single oven at the correct height for wheelchair users

For a closer look at our wide range of products, take a look at our brochure here.

What is our installation process?

Steelplan Kitchens can either sell you a kitchen for you to install, sell it your appointed contractor for them to install, or sell it to the church, who can employ one of our network of recommended installation companies.

Steelplan have a UK-wide network of fitting companies that not only install the material you purchase from Steelplan, such as cabinets, worktops, sinks taps and appliances, but a full one-stop-shop process can be discussed and costed where the associative installation company can discuss a larger remedial works package.

This remedial works package can include all first-fix and second-fix plumbing, gas and electrical works, ceiling finishes, wall finishes and flooring detail to bring your kitchen up to current full-hygienic specifications before you receive the approved Steelplan kitchen design.

The package also includes other works, such as extraction and ventilation systems, security and fire-resistant roller shutters, building works such as enlarging the room, fitting new fire-resistant entrance doors, and new windows if this is deemed to be appropriate.

Steelplan Kitchens provides a full one-stop shop service, giving you the most cost-effective route to refurbishing your kitchen and ensuring it offers longevity, health and hygiene and great aesthetics.

Are you ready to boost your kitchen storage? Steelplan Kitchens can offer you guidance and support you with the perfect solution to match your storage requirements. To speak to our friendly, experienced team today and book a consultation, call us on 0844 809 9186 or email [email protected]

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