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Case Study: Brand new church kitchen gets the green light

A charming light green colour scheme is the tip of the iceberg this stylish new kitchen, which Steelplan Kitchens recently delivered to a client in Harrow. Take a tour of the new kitchen here.

Steelplan Kitchens installed an eye-catching kitchen with the latest appliances, easy-to-clean countertops and durable wall-mounted and base cabinet units, creating an extremely versatile, long-lasting space that will support this London-based church across all its cooking requirements.

There’s nothing better than a bit of colour to breathe new life into a church kitchen – just take a look at the images below.

Fitted with multiple sinks, including heavy-duty inset sinks, the polyester powder-coated steel kitchen worktops were made to measure and provide a solid, sound-deadened and durable work surface that can withstand the punishment from ingredient preparation. The countertops seamlessly cover appliances underneath, are incredibly easy to clean and are impervious to water.

Cabinets were fitted in a variety of sizes, including base units, larder units and wall-mounted units, giving the kitchen ample storage while adding a touch of colour and style to the kitchen. But aside from just looking good, the high-quality cabinet carcasses don’t contain any material that could harbour insects or bacteria (unlike standard wooden carcass kitchens).

We’re all about optimising workflow in kitchen design, which is why we opted to create dedicated separate cooking and washing up spaces in this kitchen. There’s plenty of space to move around, prepare food and wash utensils as required.

The installation also included a range of cutting-edge appliances, including a dual-oven setup with a 6-burner hob, an additional oven with an induction hob, and a wall-mounted microwave to save countertop space. The metal used in the kitchen is fire resistant, but even if a fire did break out the powder-coat finish is formulated so that no toxic fumes would be emitted.

Delivering the kitchen within the parameters of Covid restrictions was not easy to pull off. However, alongside its partners, Steelplan Kitchens was able to create a clean, smartly presented and incredibly welcoming space that the church can use to support its cooking requirements.

Are you looking to upgrade your church kitchen? Steelplan Kitchens provide steel kitchens that offer strength, quality, style and durability. With our free design and consultation service, we take the stress out of your kitchen renovation by highlighting the best solutions to match your specific requirements. Get in touch today by calling 0844 809 9186 or email [email protected]

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