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The hidden cost of flat-pack kitchens

If you’re not buying from a reputable semi-commercial steel kitchen supplier, chances are you will be getting a flat pack solution. In this article, we explain the hidden costs of flat-pack furniture and why they might not be the catch-all solution they seem.

Churches come in all shapes and sizes – and we understand they need appliances to suit their specific needs, whether that’s large community events or a quick post-service coffee.

Flat-pack furniture is undoubtedly popular, with many seeing it as an easy to transport, low-cost and flexible solution to most problems. We’re willing to bet you’ve had an IKEA item in your home at some point or another (there’s no shame in admitting it).

But when it comes to planning a church kitchen, is flat-pack really the best choice in a busy space designed to feed a hungry congregation? Below, we’ve highlighted why self-assembly units won’t go the distance in your church kitchen – and why they could end up costing you more in the long run.

Reduced lifespan

Flat-pack units are often made from chipboard, regular wood, MDF or plastic – all materials that won’t offer the durability you need when it cooking up a brew for your congregation or hosting a Sunday School party for the kids.

Laminate or MDF countertops can easily scratch and break, particularly if it’s been dismantled and put back together several times. Depending on how busy your church kitchen gets, you might end up spending money to replace flat-pack furniture more often than you’d like.

Assembly woes

Whether it’s missing screws or parts, terrible instructions or a last-minute total collapse, we’ve all had at least one bad experience putting together flat-pack furniture.

With flatpack MDF furniture, you could end up chasing missing parts, struggling with heavy equipment, or accidentally making a mistake and having to start again. Not only is the whole thing incredibly time-consuming compared to getting pre-made kitchen units, but there’s the chance a vital section could be damaged during assembly, leaving you to pick up the pieces.

A more durable, reliable alternative

What your church needs is a durable, cost-effective, tailor-made kitchen that combines the staying power of a commercial kitchen with the cosy feel of a domestic one. In this respect, Steelplan Kitchens is more than happy to take the burden off your shoulders.

With our premade kitchen units made from strong, reliable materials, we can ensure that every one arrives in mint condition, saving you the faff of having to chase after a missing part or repairs due to a botched assembly.

Let us install one of our easy-to-clean, long-lasting and stylish steel kitchens, and you’ll never have to worry about assembling a furniture kit again.

Ready to take the leap and revamp your kitchen? Steelplan Kitchens has years of experience designing kitchens for churches, meaning we’re well-placed to give you the best possible advice for your situation. Call us today on 0844 809 9186 to find out more.

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