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Steel vs Wood: How long will your kitchen last?

From initial investment to replacement, a steel semi-commercial kitchen is the way forward for churches that don’t want to repeatedly revisit the same project again and again. Here’s why you should go for a kitchen that goes the distance.

When choosing a new church kitchen, you don’t want it to be any more trouble than it’s worth. You want it to suit the requirements of your congregation, community events and regular meetings without breaking the bank.

However, plump for low-durability materials when renovating your church kitchen, and what started as a quick fix could end up being a multi-year upheaval, when all you wanted was a reliable kitchen that doesn’t constantly require maintenance.

An MDF domestic-style kitchen simply doesn’t offer what a Steelplan metal carcass kitchen does – total strength and durability with reliability. Here, we’re going to examine a typical journey a church kitchen will go through over the years to show you why you don’t want to cut corners on your kitchen renovation.

Is your new wooden kitchen as good as it seems?

You’ve just fitted a new kitchen with laminated countertops, wooden cupboards – the works. At first, it feels like a success, but let’s fast forward a couple of years…

The cupboards are worn down, degraded and filthy, with cracked doors warped out of shape by steam and possibly even harbouring insects and bacteria. The laminated countertops are chipped and scratched, and where the sealant connects to the walls and around the sinks.

There may even be heat marks where mugs, pans or hotplates have been rested on the side. And those kickboards which at first gave your kitchen floors a bit of clout? They’ve probably now soaked up water from the cleaning regime.

Your once sparkling new kitchen is already a ghost town. Churchgoers who once wiled away the hours next to the kettle now hurry to their cars after the service. And just a few years after your first project was done and dusted, now you are going back to the drawing board.

Now, let’s rewind and see what a steel-fitted semi-commercial kitchen could do for you.

A long-lasting, durable semi-commercial kitchen

Instead of wood, you’ve fitted scratch-resistant, powder-coated steel doors and drawers. You’ve got worktops that are impervious to water, hygienic, do not harbour germs and don’t burn. You have durable, colourful cupboard doors that won’t crack, deterring insects and making them much easier to clean. You have powder-coated plinths made from extruded aluminium, meaning they don’t corrode and they don’t soak up water.

In short, you’ve fitted a kitchen that doesn’t just look appealing – it’s built to last and last and last. In five year’s time, your congregation or volunteer staff will love being in your kitchen just as much as they did the day they first set eyes on it, giving the church a longer lifecycle and true value for money.

Steelplan Kitchens understand that just because we like installing kitchens doesn’t mean you do too. It’s a big decision, but it doesn’t need to be a scary one – and with our range of hyper-durable, cost-effective kitchens, it’s a decision that will be worth it for years to come. We’re happy to guide you towards the right option to suit your budget and requirements.

If you’re thinking about a new kitchen for your church or community centre, contact the Steelplan Kitchens team on 0844 809 9186. We’ve created semi-commercial kitchens for churches up and down the UK, and we’re more than happy to chat through your situation and the options we can provide to help.

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