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A small space needn’t hold back your kitchen renovation plans. If anything, a new kitchen could make better use of your space, to give your church functions a new lease of life. Here are three of the best small space Steelplan Kitchens.

Holy Trinity Pod Kitchen

Holy Trinity in Bradford on Avon faced the dual challenge of fitting a kitchen in a small space and listed building. By opting for a hospitality suite in a custom built ‘pod’, the committee were able to fit a kitchen that suited their needs with minimal disruption.

“In regards to the kitchen, we couldn’t make it as big as we wanted. In fact, what we now have isn’t officially a kitchen: it’s a hospitality suite. We had to think carefully about what we really needed from the kitchen. Yes, we do a lot of lunches, but would we ever really cook a full roast on site? Once we’d thought about it, we were able to consider the alternative of having a hospitality suite instead of a full kitchen.”
Revd Joanna Abecassis

St Joseph’s at Havant

St Joseph’s Havant was in desperate need of a kitchen refit, but suffered from a small and awkward to use space. The Hall Committee turned to Steelplan Kitchens to create a space that suited the needs of the Church and its congregation.

“Steelplan really laid out the whole project for us and made us feel that we were in control. Unlike others who bid for the project, Steelplan really had thought of everything. They knew the right questions to ask to create the best solution for us and even brought models of the shelves and units to show us.”
Julia Corps, head of St Joseph’s Hall Committee


Canterbury Baptist Church
Testament to the fact that a small space doesn’t need to hold back your church kitchen’s capability, Canterbury Baptist Church installed a fully functioning catering kitchen in a tight spot. Although the space was small, Steelplan came up with a kitchen solution that is able to cater for 100 people.

“We have a full commercial set up – with a dishwasher, warming unit, microwave, six plate cooker, and double sink – and it’s all holding up very well.”
Richard King, Lettings Manager at Canterbury Baptist Church

To find out how Steelplan Kitchens could help you install a brand new kitchen in even the smallest of spaces, call 0844 809 9186. Our team of experts can advise on the best option for your space and requirements.

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