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Tea. It’s arguably the fuel that keeps Britain – and its church congregations – running. It’s the life blood of the after-service natter, it’s what keeps your volunteers going at charity events, it’s the beverage that warms up customers during those soggy car-boot Saturdays.

If you think I’m being dramatic, think again: the British population consumes an estimated 165 million cups of the stuff a day – and I’d say that’s a conservative guess based on average consumption at the Steelplan offices.

How much tea do you think your volunteers pour every week? Even without taking events and parties into consideration, it’s likely that your committees and church groups go through a fair few cups. If you’re renovating your kitchen, now’s the time to think about the safest, fastest and most convenient method for boiling all of that water – and trust us, a tea urn is not the only answer.

If you’re only serving tea and coffee for a few people at a time – say, a flower arranging group or bible study class – then a few kettles might just be the best option. At Steelplan, we always advise our church kitchen clients to opt for the most convenient products for them rather than appliances they will never use.

Tea urn
If you host very occasional events, a tea urn may be a good back up for your kitchen kettles. However, they can be dangerous, so it’s always best to place them in a position away from running children or grounded spots. Steelplan advisers can suggest the right model for you, and even incorporate space for it in the kitchen.

Instant water boiler
If you regularly hold events at your church and are currently filling endless kettles or heating up a battered old urn, trust us: invest in an instant water boiler. There are various models available that can pour upwards of 60 cups of fresh boiling water in an instant. In fact, don’t just take our word for it; see what Julia Corps at St Joseph’s Havant has to say on the matter here.

Coffee machine
Perhaps you want to offer something a bit more fancy than English breakfast and instant coffee to your regular church goers, or maybe you’re toying with opening a fully-functioning café (like this one at Stockland Green Methodist Church). Either way, we can advise you on different makes and models to suit your needs – just arrange a friendly consultation with one of our design team to find out more. Call us on 0844 809 9186.

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