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If you’re fitting a new kitchen at your church, it’s likely that you’ll be using it a lot more than you did before. While taking turns to wash up after a coffee morning with the committee might not be such a bad thing, finding a volunteer to wash dishes after a wedding banquet might be a bit more difficult.

Steelplan’s expert consultants give their top tips on deciding whether to install a dishwasher during renovations – and how to choose the right one for you.

1 – Do you need a dishwasher?
Knowing from the start whether it’s a need-to-have or nice-to have addition to your new kitchen is important. This will not only help you decide whether to opt for a dishwasher or not; it’ll get you thinking about how much use the appliance will get, and what you need – or want – it for.

2 – How many people will be catered for at one time?
If it’s less than 30, for coffee and cake only, you may be better to look at a good sized sink with a drainer and perhaps an overhead rinse hose.

3 – How quickly do dishes need to be turned around?
A commercial dishwasher can clean and sterilise dozens of dishes in a matter of minutes – a good option for particularly busy function halls, community cafes or kitchens catering for large events.

4 – Will you be hiring the kitchen externally?
If you’re renting the kitchen and hall for parties or other events, you will probably want a dishwasher. Even if, within your church group, you’re happy to all chip in with the washing up after church events, you can’t guarantee that others will want to after a birthday bash or wedding party.

5 – Treat yourself
Finally, if there’s space in the kitchen and the budget to add a dishwasher, it can be a nice-to-have item. At Steelplan, we’d never push appliances that our clients don’t need or want: a good, sturdy sink is just as good an option for kitchens that only cater for the few, not the thousands. Yet there’s always the argument that less time washing up is more time spent together as a congregation.

At Steelplan Kitchens, our designers have years of experience creating bespoke kitchens that help churches to get the best of both worlds; installing commercial quality kitchens with a cosy, domestic feel. To find out how your church could benefit from a free consultation, call us on 0844 809 9186.

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