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The beating heart of its local community, a church offers much more than a place of worship for its congregation. More often than not, a church provides a centre for community activity, from bible study groups to Brownies, children’s parties to weddings and christenings. While some churches are wholly focussed on religious activity and others have branched out to be more of a community hub, a kitchen can provide an excellent opportunity to help your church boost its revenue – and your congregation.

Stay for coffee
Offering tea and coffee before or after services is a great way to bring your congregation together as a community, and even get everyone more involved with the church and the parish as a whole. A cup of coffee also gives a moment to reflect on the day’s service and chat informally with fellow churchgoers.

Tip: If your tea urn is struggling to keep up, consider an instant water boiler. You might even want to invest in a commercial coffee machine – but you might need a barista to help you out.

Open your church up to new opportunities.
Revenue generation is far from top of a church’s list of priorities, but it can help your church to thrive. In a busy parish, a church might be used seven days of the week for prayers, bible study, children’s groups and services, but some church halls might only be used sporadically outside services.

If the latter is the case, a kitchen could help you make better use of the space rather than leaving it empty. Church halls make great locations for small corporate meetings, parties, casual get-togethers, community groups and wedding receptions. Renting your space out for activities such as these can bring in much needed funding for church projects, charities or even maintenance, helping you serve your community and congregation better.

Welcoming the community
You’d be surprised at how opening your church up to new opportunities can impact your congregation. Hiring your church hall out to the public is a great way to introduce your church to new people, and possibly even welcome a few new members into your congregation as a result.

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