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Think your kitchen is too small to be upgraded? Think again. A new kitchen could make better use of your space. Follow these tips to give your kitchen the refresh it needs.

Choose the right appliances
For small spaces, selecting appliances that will do the job without dominating the room is key. Consider what you really need in the kitchen and look into appliances with the right size and spec. For example, don’t choose a pass through dishwasher which will take up far too much room: under counter commercial washers can offer similar speed – 2-4 minutes per load – without taking up much-needed surface space.

Plan your layout
To avoid the kitchen feeling cluttered, think about where each item will go so that the space is used in the best possible way. Positioning your appliances so that they’re built into units, or so that stand alone items can be tucked away in cupboards when they’re not in use will help keep worktops and walkways clear.

Think too about your wet areas – do you need a double sink or will one and a half suffice? A draining area situated in the corner will also use up dead space and leave you with more room for food preparation.

Use the walls
Mounting appliances on the wall is a great way to save space. Moving your water boiler or microwave onto the wall will free up your worktops without hindering vital parts of your kitchen.

Where storage options are limited, you can also consider using wall shelving for scales, ingredients and other kitchen items.

Invest in ventilation
For small kitchens particularly, ventilation is critical to making sure the room is a pleasant place to be. Installing extractor fans will deal with steam and improve the air flow in the kitchen. Positioned over the hobs, fans can sit neatly between fitted units and also provide additional lighting for the kitchen.

Choose steel
By selecting a steel kitchen, you can make more use of your space and create a cleaner finish. Many people opt for a counter with the sink attached, meaning there are no edges between them and cleaning is incredibly easy.

While steel can result in a sterile looking environment, at Steelplan Kitchens our units can be finished in a range of colours, to give you the durability of steel construction with the cosy finish of a domestic kitchen.

To find out more about changes you could make to your church kitchen, speak to one of our advisers on 0844 809 9186.

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