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With only a small kitchen, Canterbury Baptist Church could only offer very limited catering for its congregation. But after a refurbishment – as part of a wider modernisation of the building – they’re now able to hire out the hall and cater for a much wider range of occasions.

Here, Richard King, Lettings Manager at Canterbury Baptist Church, tells us about the difference their Steelplan Kitchen has made.


Canterbury Baptist Church was undergoing a major refurbishment project which saw old fashioned fixtures updated with a much more modern look and feel. The new building is more spacious, giving the team the flexibility to meet the needs of its community – and they needed a kitchen that could cater to those needs.


Although the space was small, Steelplan came up with a kitchen solution that is able to cater for 100 people.

“We have a full commercial set up – with a dishwasher, warming unit, microwave, six plate cooker, and double sink – and it’s all holding up very well,” Richard says.


Since the kitchen was installed, the church has been able to offer a lot more events and hire the hall out as a venue. As a result, Richard’s role as Lettings Manager was created to look after this side of things.

“Within the church, we mostly use the space for lunch clubs and tea and coffee, but it has been really popular as a hired venue for parties and functions.”

“We did have a few problems to begin with, with people not cleaning the kitchen correctly after use, so we now advise that anyone using the kitchen must have a Level 2 Food Safety and Hygiene certificate. It’s not too limiting, as it only requires a short online course, but it gives us confidence that people hiring the space have an understanding of food hygiene and will leave the kitchen clean and tidy.”

“We’ve had no problems with the kitchen itself – it’s holding up very well and the stainless steel build means that it can withstand a lot of wear and tear,” Richard says.

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