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Every church in the UK wants their community and congregation to feel welcome and happy while using the kitchen, and younger guests are no different…

Semi-commercial kitchens are the ideal place for nurturing children’s curiosity when it comes to baking and cooking. While as robust and hard-wearing as a commercial kitchen, they have all the warmth of a domestic one, creating a non-threatening, comfortable feel. However, while children in the kitchen are often welcome, it’s also important to understand how to keep them safe while they explore. From young Rainbows to your teenager choir club, church kitchens see many different ages walk through their doors, so how can you make sure their safety comes first?

Looking after youngsters
By being aware of possible hazards in your church kitchen, you can easily minimise the risks and make it a safe and enjoyable place for everyone who uses it. With small children who attend your morning playgroup, the kitchen is a compelling place but you can childproof it by:

  1. Keeping the floor skid proof – you can do this by installing non-slip kitchen specification flooring
  2. Installing safety latches on all cabinets and cupboards that hold contents which could pose a risk to children
  3. Sealing off all unused electrical plug sockets with safety plugs
  4. Checking for sharp edges and corners where children could bang their heads – install protective guards or cushioning here
  5. Asking Steelplan to install lockable drawers and cupboards
  6. Placing crockery, mugs and glassware out of reach

Young children also need constant supervision in the kitchen, and while sometimes they are welcome in the space for an afternoon of decorating fairy cakes for example, it is also important to keep them out of the kitchen during busy times or even in a bustling commercial café.

Teenager time
Although constant supervision for older children is not always necessary, it’s a good idea to teach them some basic safety measures before they use the kitchen. Not only will this keep them out of harm’s way, but with some simple rules, you can then allow them to enjoy the space:

  1. When cooking hot food on the hob, turn all pot handles towards the back so they aren’t easily knocked
  2. Make sure the handles on your posts and pans are secure – if they can’t be fixed, throw them away and replace
  3. Never leave sharp implements facing upwards in your dishwasher
  4. Don’t leave cooking food unattended – and if anyone needs to leave the kitchen for even a second, they need to turn off the gas
  5. Keep items that burn easily, such as kitchen towels and oven gloves, at least three feet away from the hob
  6. Do not allow anyone to use the microwave unless they are tall enough to reach inside safely

Learning how to wash your hands properly is also a key part of keeping everyone safe in the kitchen, young and old. But with Steelplan’s steel worktops and units, which are designed to create a hygienic surface that don’t harbour germs, bugs and dirt, keeping your kitchen clean is simple – particularly when compared to domestic kitchens which can degrade, making it easier for them to absorb dirt, and harder to clean.

At Steelplan Kitchens we can create a space that welcomes every member of your congregation – one that is open, safe and long-lasting. Call us on 0844 809 9186 to get your new project underway.

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