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Whether you’re planning a brand-new community café or a complete overhaul of your outdated kitchen, these case studies have all the inspiration you need…

St Joseph’s Havant

When the tired, 1950s kitchen at St Joseph’s Havant began struggling to keep up with the long list of social events and providing their congregation with tea and coffee, the team contacted Steelplan Kitchens to make a change. They needed a kitchen that could cater for a lot of people while remaining easy to use and maintain, but offering a homely and welcoming feel. With a well laid-out project and thought-out plan, we made sure that every aspect of the kitchen could meet the church’s demands – and since then, the church has opened the space for many new opportunities.

St Nicholas Church, Thames Ditton

After serving the church for over a quarter of a century, the kitchen at St Nicholas in Thames Ditton was starting to show signs of wear and tear. And, after embarking on a project to upgrade the kitchen into a semi-commercial space, new opportunities have since coming rolling in! Hard-wearing enough for parties and corporate events, but still accommodating for church regulars, the kitchen needed to be robust but unintimidating. With a steel shell kitchen, a colourful aesthetic and easy to use appliances, the kitchen has since had nothing but admiration from its visitors.

Stockland Green Methodist Church

When Stockland Green Methodist Church began toying with a major refurbishment, the church committee were focused on improving their services for their congregation and community. And, after deciding on installing a community café, they turned to Steelplan Kitchens to design a new, durable, semi-commercial grade kitchen. But, unlike other projects, the emphasis was on commercial rather than cosy as the space would be used to prepare large amounts of food on a daily basis. That said, the committee still wanted a warm, hospitable place for their volunteers working in the kitchen. The result? Clean steel countertops, white tones, neutral-coloured door coatings and a stainless-steel framework. Plus, a thriving, busy café!

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