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Steelplan Kitchens offer a range of different colours and materials to suit your new kitchen, but deciding what you want to achieve with your space is the starting point of any project

Whether you want your kitchen to feel cool and calm, or colourful and eye-catching, there are many different ways to create the desired atmosphere. From tiles to paint and cupboards, we can create the right space for its purpose, all while avoiding the cold, bland and institutional feel of a commercial kitchen. And because Steelplan Kitchens are built to last, they will stand the test of time – even after a thousand rounds of tea. Which is why it’s important to get your colour palette spot on. Or choose a look that can be adapted over time…

All out colour
When it comes to kitchen cupboard doors, we have 18 colourways to choose from, or for a small additional fee, we can offer 1,600 RAL shades to suit your colour scheme. And while it might feel difficult to know where to start, deciding on the aesthetic for your kitchen will help you take the next step. For example, by selecting one solid, vibrant shade – such as this bright orange – you can create a warm and welcoming feel for those working in the kitchen. But although orange is also energising and friendly, it may feel too intense for some.

A blended selection
Want your new kitchen to feel like an inviting, fun space for any age? A blend of colours is always a good idea. It’s also an excellent solution where several members of your church have different opinions on the kitchen colours – and it’s a way for you to incorporate all choices. At Steelplan Kitchens, we offer all types of coloured splash backs that meet Health & Safety rules and regulations.

Or by simply cladding the area that food hits above your worktops, your kitchen will be hygienic and bacteria-resistant, while remaining robust and long-standing. And it removes the need for tiles, which can harbor grease and germs. So, whether you want vivid green or a more subdued dusky pink, there really is a selection to suit any requirements, especially as various colour UPVCs are available at our premium prices.

Sticking to paint
If you’d like the option of changing the aesthetic of your kitchen over the coming years, choosing white cupboards and worktops makes it simple. And with a splash of paint, you can create a different atmosphere when you need or want to. Allowing you and your congregation to enjoy the stability and strength of a metal kitchen carcass, while giving you the flexibility to freshen up the paintwork at any given time.

It’s all white
Stainless steel and white finish cupboards are ideal for kitchens that require a sleek and minimalist or more professional feel. Or even for spaces where you’d like to add coloured paint in the future – however, without installing Steelplan Kitchens’ powder-coated steel finish splash backs, we advise coating the walls in cleanable paint, which makes it easier to wipe up splashed soup or greasy residue.

At Steelplan Kitchens we are focused on creating a hygienic, safe and friendly space for your congregation – one that suits your requirements and meets your chosen aesthetic. Call us on 0844 809 9186 to find out about your options.

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