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Before going full steam ahead with your church’s renovation, there are many different things to consider – and a semi-commercial kitchen could be one of them

Renovating a church is not the same as building a new house or adding on a conservatory – it requires specialist skills and an understanding of problems that could live behind the scenes of an old church. There are also many things to think about, such as whether you’ll need to close the doors to your congregation for some time? Or if you need flexible funding? And how you will continue to care for your community with building works in place. Is a full renovation really the answer?

The full works
While a stressful time, a church renovation can bring many opportunities to your church, but no matter how large or small a renovation project may seem, it’s important to remember that it will still impact the regular flow of your church matters.

Whether you want to open up a new space to wedding breakfasts or evening parties, or you want a new kitchen to cater for larger events, a more modern look with more efficient amenities is always a welcome addition. And if your church takes the right steps, a renovation project can flow smoothly, stay on budget and have a positive effect on your congregation and community. However, it’s a good idea to expect the unexpected – from extra budget to plumbing problems for example.

Smaller changes
With money to raise, plans to be made and sermons to continue, it can often feel like a daunting project to renovate your entire church while continuing to support your congregation. So, it’s always advisable to ask if you can work with the space you already have. Could you add more seating without knocking down a wall? Or create a more efficient kitchen without moving its location or making it bigger? Are you prepared to close your church for a while, or would it be better to work towards a smaller change and fixing one piece at a time?

And while even a small renovation is no small undertaking, with equipment, plumbing, supporting walls and electricity to consider, it’s less of an upheaval than a full building renovation. Think about it – if you’re looking to entice more people into your church or open it up for catering events, would a new kitchen be the answer? Or would a community café create some new opportunities? With Steelplan Kitchens, you can work with the space you already have and create a bespoke semi-commercial fit to sustain even the biggest wedding party.

Updating your church kitchen or adding a new community cafe to your renovation? Call Steelplan on 0844 809 9186 – we can help you achieve your goals and create exciting opportunities for your church

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