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Kitchen woes – common church kitchen problems, answered

Over the years, we’ve spoken to a lot of people about church kitchens, and a lot of the same problems keep coming up. Here are some of the most common ones, with a solution for each.

“I keep getting mould around my sink.”

After a period of time, the sealant between a sink and the work surface can peel, which leaves a very inviting space for water to gather, crumbs to get stuck, and germs to multiply. Those wet and warm conditions are the perfect habitat for lots of moulds, and tiny nooks like that are almost impossible to clean properly, even if you think you have done.

If you eliminate the need for sealant, you eliminate the problem. A sink in a semi-commercial kitchen, like those that Steelpan Kitchen designs, will be welded into the work surface, so that there is no gap to seal, and no crannies for mould to thrive in.

“My surfaces keep peeling.”

It is tempting to opt for a domestic-style MDF kitchen with a vinyl wrap, because they seem the most economical, but there are hidden costs. When a domestic-style kitchen gets the heavy use of a church kitchen, it deteriorates very quickly, with the vinyl wrap peeling from work surfaces and units. That means more maintenance, and needing to replace the kitchen far sooner.

If you opt for a mild steel carcass and a Zintec polyester powder-coated stainless steel worktop, you will have a durable kitchen with no surfaces that can peel or deteriorate.

“I can’t get rid of pests.”

Speaking of peeling surfaces, exposed MDF is highly absorbent. Any liquid that spills onto it will be nearly impossible to completely remove, and that will continue to attract insects, particularly of course in the summer months.

Semi-commercial kitchens are hygienic by design. Stainless steel worktops are wipe-clean, and the folded rear upstand eliminates the gaps between the surface and splashback, where liquid can gather and penetrate walls and grouting.

“The kitchen is always a mess.”

This is perhaps the most common kitchen problem that we hear about. Most people don’t think it can ever change, but we promise you it can.

Very often it’s the fault of your storage. Everything needs someone to live. In the absence of a proper storage solution, where things live will be wherever they can go. That usually means they’re in the way. That makes it impossible to maintain order in the kitchen and on the surfaces.

Again, space is the problem, and design is the solution. Even if there is limited room for cupboards and drawers, smart design can find efficient ways to maximise your storage, and reclaim your surfaces.

Steelplan Kitchens are highly experienced at finding clever ways to create safe and effective storage for all shapes and sizes of kitchen.

“Not everyone can use the kitchen.”

Some church kitchens, especially those that are ‘flat pack’, have been assembled by groups and communities with limited building or design experience. There is nothing wrong with that, but it can mean that you have a kitchen that is good enough for most people, but a challenge for people like the elderly, the very young, or those with disabilities.

Planning and creating a kitchen for all, especially in limited space, is a very precise skill. Consider using kitchen design experts like Steelplan Kitchens, so that you can create a church kitchen that is safe, accessible, and welcoming for all ages and abilities. Our 3D design and consultation service is completely free. Why not get in touch to find out how your perfect kitchen could look? It’s [email protected].

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