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Keep Spirits High in January

The festive decorations have been put away, the leftovers have long been eaten, and the New Year is a distant memory. This can only mean that January lies ahead. With the nights still long, many members of your community could be a little down in the dumps compared to usual.

Many find January to be the longest month of the year – and with purse strings tight, they will feel this keenly in 2023. Being at the heart of your community, there are many ways to help brighten up the members of your community and keep their spirits high.

Choir evenings

Some like to raise their spirits through song, and your community venue could be the place to start. Whether you sing songs that you know and love, or want to try something new, connections through song are proven to help bring smiles to face.

Such an activity can encourage both young and old to join in, and with a well-deserved coffee and tea break afterwards – thanks to your semi-commercial kitchen – those friendships will solidify.


Offering your space for classes can be an excellent way to help keep your community occupied and in contact with the outside world. With little sunlight and cold weather, getting out and about can be a challenge, and this can be the opportunity for many to reconnect.

Your semi-commercial kitchen can play host to cooking and baking classes, be a place to grab refreshments, or warm up an evening meal to share with your students.

Community Lunches

The longest month of the year can also be the loneliest one. With Blue Monday in the middle of the month, it can bring about feelings of sadness in your community. Bringing them together with a hearty meal to perk up their spirits.

Your semi commercial kitchen can not only make the food, but store, heat up, and even serve it with moveable islands and vast counter space.

Wellbeing chats

Sometimes, just talking can be a way to lift people from the gloom of January. Through food, drink, and good conversation, you could offer simple wellbeing chats that can become a weekly or bi-weekly lifeline for your community.

There are many ways your community venue can become the place to be this January, and the one thing that can help is a new kitchen. Steelplan Kitchens can help you design and install a semi-commercial kitchen that’s long-lasting, but still makes you feel at home. Get in touch with our friendly team today on 0844 809 9186, or by emailing [email protected].

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