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Who’s using your kitchen?

Volunteers are a massive asset to your community venue. They are the glue that holds your community together – allowing for greater connections between people in order to make it a better place. Even the smallest task they complete is appreciated, and with your new semi commercial kitchen there will be new roles that they can undertake within your community venue.

We’ve listed some of the ways they can help within your kitchen, and how a semi-commercial kitchen can help them in return.


The materials your kitchen is made from will make a huge difference to the quality of your volunteers working life. Wood and MDF kitchens are prone to peeling and cracking – attributes that can cause hygiene issues. Food and other liquid can seep into the cracks, making it harder to clean to a satisfactory level.

It also makes it a perfect home for bacteria to thrive. Compared to steel, which does not crack or peel, this is not what a semi-commercial kitchen should look like. Many people can be duped into believing that a residential kitchen can do the job, but your volunteers will thank you with counters that only take a moment to clean, instead of their evening.

A semi-commercial kitchen is also less intimidating. The cold, brutal look of a fully commercial kitchen set up can be intimidating, especially when your volunteers only wish to make a cup of tea, or stop for a biscuit. It has all the longevity of a commercial kitchen, but its customisable look allows volunteers to feel at home.


Thinking about opening a community cafe? These additional ventures can bring in revenue for causes as well as for your establishment. Your volunteers will be at front and centre of this new addition, serving drinks, cleaning tables, and being a constant friendly face for visitors.

A semi commercial kitchen will help them in these tasks. The amount of space will allow them to make more baked treats if you’re serving them, as well as room for handy appliances that will come in handy should you host an event. A hot water urn or a microwave will help volunteers cater for more people who visit.


Your volunteers aren’t mechanics. We understand that they won’t be able to fix leaky taps or even report them. If you had a wood or MDF kitchen installed, this may be an issue – as excess water on wooden worktops can cause rot and damage. However, with a steel kitchen, water can’t steep or soak into the cracks.

Instead, once you find the problem, you can be assured that your new stainless steel cabinets are safe from any damage. Volunteers can be assured that should something happen in the future, the durability of a semi-commercial kitchen will provide a buffer.

Steelplan Kitchens can offer expert advice. We design bespoke kitchens for community venues of all shapes and sizes, so get in touch with our friendly team today on 0844 809 9186, or by emailing [email protected].

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