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Your kitchen: the home of the Harvest Festival

Discover how your kitchen can play a key role in celebrating the harvest with your community.

The Harvest Festival is the highlight of the autumn season, and your church community needs a place to celebrate and give thanks for the bountiful harvest they’ve received this year. Your kitchen can play a vital part in ensuring this celebration is the best it can be.


What’s better than harvesting the fruits and vegetables of your labour? Cooking with them. Share the great flavours with your church community by hosting a cook off. Everyone can get involved, and your kitchen can be the heart of the event. With handy appliances, like a wall mounted water boiler and dishwasher, no one will be fighting over the kettle when they want to make a coffee, and cleaning up will be simple.


Sharing with others is the main message of the harvest festival – so gathering to feed your community and those in need is a fantastic way to put this message front and centre. Got a cold kitchen instead of a full hot food set up? Make it a potluck! Some of the best friendships are made over great food and a cup of tea, and a simple microwave can transform an indoor picnic into a sit down meal for all.


As the leaves begin to turn, your church community may start to spend a lot of time indoors – and not all who participate in the Harvest Festival will have home-grown food to share. However, many will know how to create something sweet so give them a great activity to do on a rainy Saturday afternoon that can give your Harvest Festival an added lift. Organise a bake sale for those without farms or allotment plots, and if you already have a display case, you can keep their treats fresh for longer.


Some communities like to host parades during Harvest Festival – is yours one of them? If so, then people will need a place to congregate and chat over a cup of tea once the fun is over – and your church kitchen can be such a place. Especially if you have a church café. With so many people in need of refreshment, this can be the event to boost your savings pot before winter.

The Harvest Festival is a beacon of happiness before the days get a little shorter, and if you’d like to make the most out of this time of year, then be sure you’re ready with the right semi-commercial kitchen. Our kitchen experts have all the answers, having worked with churches up and down the UK to get them the perfect kitchen for their needs. They can always help you get the most out of your kitchen – even in small or listed buildings. Speak to them on 0844 809 9186 to get started, or send an email to [email protected].

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