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The 12 kitchen tips of Christmas

On the first day of Christmas, Steelplan gave to me… some kitchen tips for absolutely free!

Christmas is a time of joy, and churches are getting back into the festive spirit. Just look at how some of the kitchens we’ve installed semi-commercial kitchens for are supporting their communities at Christmas time.

As an experienced provider of semi-commercial kitchens for churches, we know a thing or two about getting a kitchen ready to support larger gatherings and community events. Below, we’ve highlighted a few tips and tricks when it comes to prepping your kitchen for Christmas.

1) Cleaning up

A spic and span kitchen creates a more pleasant, hygienic environment for your kitchen. Scrub sinks and countertops, clean out the inside of ovens, cupboards and other appliances, and make sure your cutlery and cooking utensils are clean and ready for the big day.

2) Think about your oven hob options

Induction hobs cook fast, are easy to clean and cook via a magnetic current that heats the pan, making the hob much safer, but remember that they only work with ferrous pans (ones that contain iron). Meanwhile, gas hobs are easier to control and can be used with a wider variety of pans, but may be less efficient. Read our guide on gas versus induction for more information.

3) Clean up ice in your freezer

Ice can build up when warm air comes into contact with the cold evaporator coils in your freezer, which can affect the taste and flavour of food. Have you considered a frost-free freezer? These automatically defrost once a day, ensuring ice isn’t building up and trapping your food in the draws.

4) Are your appliances working?

Check all your appliances, especially dishwashers. These can perform worse over time, leaving streaks on glasses and food on plates and silverware. Try using a few cups of vinegar in the next cycle or spraying some over dishes before the next cycle. Or you may wish to upgrade to a new dishwasher that can wash large numbers of plates fast.

5) Do you need a water boiler?

Nothing warms the cockles like a hot drink, and with a commercial water boiler you can rapidly heat enough water for bigger groups. Some water boilers can dispense up to 31 litres of hot filtered water every hour while taking up just 250mm width of counter space.

6) Are your fire alarms working?

With all the additional cooking activity, you need to ensure your alarms are in good working order in case of an emergency. For more tips regarding safety in your church kitchen, read our blog on the topic here.

7) Waste disposal and recycling

There’s going to be plenty of waste to get rid of this Christmas, but being organised will make it much easier to be environmentally responsible. If possible, set up a system whereby you are separating different recycling items, including bottles, cardboard, plastic etc. Make sure you have enough refuse sacks to accommodate different items.

8) Think about storage

You’ll need to make sure you stock up with enough supplies to make your Christmas gathering special. Reassess how you are storing different options – can volunteers reach the utensils they need quickly? Is there a logic to your cupboards and kitchen storage options? If you still find space is lacking, speak to an experienced kitchen consultant who can give you a few pointers.

9) Decorate your kitchen

Who doesn’t love a good decoration or two at Christmas? Get creative with a wooden Christmas tree or two behind the sink, or perhaps you could hang some wreaths down the back of some chairs. If there’s space, you might want to consider hanging some lights or garlands on shelves or around the outskirts of your kitchen. However you plan to decorate, a semi-commercial kitchen will provide the perfect backdrop.

10) Do you have enough dining space?

It may be time to rethink how you lay out your kitchen to ensure you can get everyone in. The perfect social hub for any kitchen, a kitchen island provides a great place to host guests on arrival, holding snacks and drinks (punch bowl, anyone?). But they also provide a great space for preparing dinner items and storing additional utensils. To find out more about how a kitchen island could help you, read our blog here.

11) Powder-coated steel is more durable than wood

Like any large gathering, Christmas can be tough on your kitchen. A stainless steel kitchen countertop won’t be burnt by hot pots and pans, can withstand a beating from kitchen utensils and is much easier to clean than wood, which absorbs water, is warped/burnt by heat and is much more susceptible to pests and other insects.

12) Start thinking about your kitchen makeover

Is your kitchen feeling rundown? Are you constantly having to replace chipped and warped wooden counters and cupboards? Do you have old appliances that don’t work? Perhaps it’s time for a change…

A semi-commercial kitchen provides the perfect combination of ease of use, hygiene, durability and warmth that churches need. With years of experience, Steelplan can provide bespoke advice and install the kitchen you need to have a merry Christmas for years to come.

Thinking about renovating your kitchen in the new year? Looking to make a headstart on a brand new kitchen that will wow your congregation? Speak to Steelplan today by calling 0844 809 9186 or email us at [email protected].

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