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3 different church kitchens, 3 different uses

No matter the requirement, Steelplan Kitchens has you covered. Here’s 3 examples of church kitchens in need of vastly different outcomes, and the different products you might need to support them.

What does the church kitchen require?

A church kitchen that wants to serve tea and cake to 30 people once a week – they don’t regularly hold events, but need a place where they can keep post-service drinks and food flying out the door.

What would Steelplan Kitchens recommend?

  • A tea urn as a minimum but preferably an instant hot water boiler
  • You may only need 1-2 domestic fridges to contain the amount of food and milk required
  • A powder-coated steel kitchen will be much better at withstanding spills, stain-resistant, more durable than a wooden kitchen, easier to keep clean and not covered in greasy handprints

What does the church kitchen require?

A church warden wants to start opening up their venue to accommodate larger parties, summer BBQs and Christmas events.

What would Steelplan Kitchens recommend?

With more mouths to feed, we’d definitely recommend this church looks into some larger appliances to ensure you can keep your guests fed and watered!

  • More cupboard space – more wall-mounted cabinets to save on counter space and remove potential floor hazards
  • A double oven – allow you to roast more than one turkey at once
  • Consider a commercial fridge with a larger capacity
  • Commercial dishwashers (as opposed to domestic) with a much faster wash cycle to ensure cooking equipment is available when it is needed
  • Stainless-steel countertops that abide by health and safety regulations

What does the church kitchen require?

A church is looking at supporting weddings, but its current kitchen is only capable of providing basic event catering.

What would Steelplan Kitchens recommend?

  • Commercial kitchen appliances for storing more food and cooking it quickly
  • A semi-commercial kitchen with a layout designed to boost efficiency
  • A strong, rigid, high-quality powder-coated semi-commercial kitchen
  • Powder-coated cabinets, stainless steel worktops with the right appliances

Whatever your kitchen requirements, Steelplan Kitchens can help

Steelplan Kitchens provides stainless steel semi-commercial kitchens that have a warm and welcoming feel while being incredibly durable, water-resistant and easy to keep clean. Whether your require guidance on appliances or a full kitchen overhaul, Steelplan is primed and ready to offer you professional services backed by years of experience.

Ready to make your church kitchen dream a reality? Get in touch today by calling 0844 809 9186 or emailing [email protected]

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