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Community events: can your church kitchen keep up?

As the UK continues to open up, you may have already been thinking more about the kind of events that you can hold at your church to build your outreach and help foster a sense of community. But to do that you need a strong, durable kitchen that can keep up with the demands of cooking for a much larger group of people.

Why should you hold community events?

As Covid-19 restrictions ease, you’ll need a durable kitchen to support larger congregations at weekly services, weddings, funerals and Christian holiday celebrations. However, beyond this, there are all kinds of opportunities for churches to bring people together.

Perhaps you could stage a BBQ or picnic for local members of the community, or provide weekly meals for the homeless. If you have a projector or big TV handy, you could hold family movie nights or book clubs, or maybe you could think about opening a community café to help supplement your church income. 

A durable, colourful steel kitchen to support community events

Whatever you’re planning, chances are your guests will need to be fed and watered, and that means they need a kitchen that can support catering for larger events. That means ovens that are large enough and hot enough to churn out dishes quickly, dishwashers with a rapid wash cycle, and commercial water boilers that can heat enough for an endless supply of tea and coffee at a moment’s notice.

But more than that, you’ll need a kitchen that won’t be damaged easily by all the extra work going on. We’re talking about powder-coated worktops and cupboards that don’t get stained or burn (unlike wooden ones) and are easy to clean without soaking up water.

At Steelplan Kitchens, we listen to your requirements and help create a kitchen that works for you, so that the next time you’re preparing to host 100 famished members of your congregation or deliver a round of teas at your weekly book club, you’ll be ready to go.

Looking for a kitchen that can withstand the demands of catering for community events? Contact Steelplan Kitchens today on 0844 809 9186 or email [email protected].

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