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If installing a new kitchen at your church feels like an impossible dream, take a moment to read these three common misconceptions – and how Steelplan Kitchens could provide the answer you need.

“We’d love to, but we don’t have the space”
Maybe you’re right. If your kitchen is truly tiny, a kitchen may be out of the question but often, where there’s a will, there’s a way. While you might think that a kitchen needs a huge amount of floor space, it is possible to fit a kitchen into a tight space with a bit of creative planning: take a look at this creative pod solution from Holy Trinity Church as an example. There may also be the option of extending outside the church, even if you are situated in a listed building: remember, churches – as an active place of worship – are exempt from some of the more restrictive planning rules and regulations.

Steelplan Kitchens have fitted kitchens into all sorts of quirky spaces, working with architects and contractors to develop unique solutions. Call one of our kitchen design specialists on 0844 809 9186 for some friendly practical advice.

“A commercial kitchen won’t look right, and we know a domestic build won’t last”
Chances are you’re right on both counts here: commercial kitchens can look sterile in the warm environment of a church and a domestic MDF or timber model just can’t stand the test of time. However, there is an alternative. A semi-commercial kitchen, like the ones we create at Steelplan, provides the best of both worlds, incorporating the comfortable, colourful aesthetic of a domestic kitchen with the durability of a powder-coated steel frame.

Take a look at our case studies to see the diverse range of characterful kitchens we’ve installed in churches across the UK

“A kitchen would be lovely, but too difficult to take care of”
Without proper planning, a church kitchen can become a burden on your committee – cheaper domestic models in particular can create issues, as they require a fair amount of maintenance to keep safe and tidy. On the other hand, a complicated full commercial set up can be equally difficult, unless you happen to be a congregation full of Michelin chefs.

However, a semi-commercial steel frame kitchen requires very little upkeep other than general cleaning, tidying, and safety awareness. With the right planning from the onset, too, you can make sure that all of your appliances and work areas fit the needs of your church, so you won’t get a prohibitively complicated commercial system that no one knows how to use.

At Steelplan Kitchens, our free consultation ensures that we understand your needs from the start, so that you get a kitchen that’s right for you. Call us on 0844 809 9186 to find out more

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