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Whatever the size of your church kitchen, it plays an essential role in your community and congregation. And even the smallest space can be the biggest asset…

Whether you’re planning a complete renovation or an upgrade on your current kitchen, a smaller space doesn’t mean you’re limited with possibilities and designs. There are many different options to suit your needs…

Focus on hygiene
Easy-to-clean surfaces in small kitchens are essential for maintaining hygiene, as the prepping, cooking and washing up is often done in the same space. With a semi-commercial kitchen and stainless-steel worktops, you can create the welcoming, warm feel of a domestic kitchen, but with the durability and safety of a full commercial space. With welded in bowls, steel worktops won’t sustain, harbour or encourage bacteria or insects, but will still create an aesthetically-pleasing kitchen.

Open up
By installing a serving station, you can open up the space and instill a sense of community (while also showing off your brand new kitchen!). Not only will an open drinks counter create the illusion of a bigger space, but it will minimise foot traffic in your kitchen too, which is ideal for the safety and comfort of your volunteers or staff.

Use all the space
A great way to maxmise all the room in your kitchen is by going up. Worktop space is precious, and the less appliances or cupboards you can have on the floor, the more room you will have to make five tuna paninis for five hungry members of your community. By mounting appliances like microwaves and water boilers (as seen above), you can turn a small space in to a kitchen suitable for your busy volunteers and congregation. And don’t forget shelving – just make sure items are easily accessible with a foot stool or stepladder.

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