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Commercial kitchens are the ultimate in practicality – robust, strong and withstanding. But often cold and unwelcoming, you can bridge the gap with a semi-commercial kitchen from Steelplan

Offering all the warmth and inviting feel of a domestic kitchen, Steelplan’s semi-commercial kitchens are as sturdy and durable as any professional or restaurant kitchen. With a long-life expectancy, they can provide a welcoming space for your congregation and the people using your church – while also creating a stylish high-quality finish. But much like a commercial kitchen, it’s important that the space is fully equipped to suit your needs – whether you’re running a new church café, opening up the area for parties or even just running the odd tea and cake evening. And these added extras are an excellent way to extend the use of your church kitchen.

Taking inspiration from commercial and professional kitchens, adding a worktable to your space can provide multiple uses. Unlike an island, they aren’t fixed to the ground, and are an excellent accessory, particularly if you’re catering for a large event or making meals in bulk. Alternatively, you can use this counter space as an eat-in surface.

Open shelves vs kitchen cabinets
In some church kitchens, open shelves are opted for over kitchen cabinets – particularly in higher, hard to reach areas. While cabinets provide maximum storage, and utilise the vertical space by running all the way to the ceiling, open shelves allow easy access to items in the kitchen. However, it’s worth noting that although they may look appealing and feel more practical, they are much harder to keep clean and can create a cluttered, untidy appearance.

Stainless steel
More robust than porous surfaces, stainless steel doesn’t stain and can withstand hot pans, plus plenty of wear and tear. Impervious to water, it also won’t swell, chip or rot, which can often happen with MDF found in domestic kitchens. And it doesn’t contain any material that may sustain, harbour or encourage insects or bacteria to take up home. With a powder-coated finish from Steelplan Kitchens, these units and worktops are easily cleaned and look great. Offered in a variety of colours, your church’s semi-commercial kitchen can be as strong as a professional one, but as appealing and cosy as your kitchen at home.

Utensil racks
For busy kitchens, it’s often a good idea to have utensils to hand, rather than hidden away in a drawer. Which is where a professional utensil rack can be worth its weight in gold. A great way to keep cooking implements within easy reach, they are also a practical way of keeping potentially dangerous objects out of harm’s way, especially if children are regular visitors to your kitchen.

Commercial kitchen shelving
Particularly relevant to larger kitchens with ample storage space, these units are sturdy and sized according to what you’d like to store, for example packets of biscuits, cookware or even small appliances. Helping you make the most of wall space and potentially stock rooms, shelving systems can be customised to suit your needs and provide a neat and tidy way to store items in your kitchen. They can also withstand extreme temperatures – ideal if you’re lucky enough to have a walk-in freezer.

Creating your dream kitchen in your church is simple – and by taking practical kitchen elements from commercial kitchens, you can create a space that’s open, functional and efficient. While also a calm and pleasant area for churchgoers and your community, regardless of the purpose for your new project.

At Steelplan Kitchens we are focused on creating a robust, warm and homely semi-commercial kitchen for your church – one that is suitable for your whole community. Call us on 0844 809 9186 to find out about your options.

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