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With a semi-commercial kitchen, you can create a space that’s welcoming and warm but also practical and robust – whether you want subtle tones of blue or vibrant bursts of red, Steelplan Kitchens has the colour palette to make your church kitchen dreams a reality

Diving into the blues
Grey cupboards and tiles are perfect for creating a professional and classic space that can be easily complemented with colourful walls and accessories. Plus, by choosing a muted colour for your cabinets, it’s easy to give your kitchen a makeover whenever you like – blue, yellow, orange, the colour of your walls never needs to stay the same! Do bear in mind though that Steelplan Kitchens offers 18 standard colours, or you can choose from any of the 1600 RAL colours, so if grey doesn’t suit the character of your church, you’re guaranteed to find a colour that does.

Colour splash!
If you want to design a church kitchen that’s vibrant, colourful and brimming with energy, why not go all out with colourful cabinets and bright walls? Creating an inviting space that will make every member of your congregation feel welcome and ‘at home’, a kitchen full of colour is the perfect way to add that domestic feel to your church, but with the Steelplan Kitchens difference – ensuring your cabinets and worktops are robust, long-lasting and designed to cope with lots of use.

Going for bold
Looking to create a clean and crisp white semi-commercial kitchen but with an injection of colour? Why not go bold with red cabinets? Built to last, Steelplan Kitchens’ colourful cabinets will withstand repeated use; last longer than a traditional wooden kitchen; are impervious to fire and water; and can create the pleasant halfway point between a domestic and commercial kitchen.

If you’re ready to take your next step in kitchen installation, call Steelplan Kitchens on 0844 809 9186 to find out more. Whatever the size, requirements, or colours we can help.

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