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While Easter might be a little different than usual, it’s still important to enjoy the time with your congregation and celebrate with your community. And what easier way to start the festivities than by utilising your kitchen?

With lockdown impacting on services and special occasions in your church, we understand that it’s been tricky to build attendance and add new members to your congregation over the past 12 months. Funding may have been put on hold, plans might have been postponed and hiring out your church hall next to impossible. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate Easter and the hope that it brings. In fact, all it takes is a little imagination to let the plans begin with your kitchen…

Themed dinner
Social distancing and lockdown rules can make it difficult to prepare and feed those in need in your community – but that doesn’t mean you can’t, you just might have to do it in groups of six across staggered times. Your kitchen really can bring the community together, you just have to think smaller. Either that, or you could host a virtual cooking session – this would involve delivering ingredients to local residents and cooking ‘together’ online. You could even eat together – it’s a great way to create a feeling of community while keeping safe.

Easter drop-ins
Some of the best relationships have been made over a cup of tea, and for many seniors in your community, your church is an important lifeline, one that allows them to socialise and talk. And Easter is no exception – fortunately, outside activities are easy to organise and with a hot water boiler you can keep the hot drinks flowing as quickly as the conversation. Designed to pour up to 60 cups in an instance, you’ll never want to use a kettle again.

Cake-making sessions
With many church clubs still being held virtually, your kitchen might not feel like an essential part of church activity, but with cake-making competitions or even an outdoors bake sale, you can bring your kitchen right to the heart of your community. Whether you decide to host a virtual version of the Great British Bake Off, or encourage children from your church to hold their own bake sales, not only can you raise some funds, but you can also put your kitchen to good use at the same time.

Cleaning competition
If you’re planning to open your doors soon, you’ll need to make sure your kitchen is COVID-safe and secure – for those using the space but also for those enjoying the food! Now, while you can’t have many people inside your church, many of your congregation members will have their own kitchens at home. So, why not start with a cleaning competition? Who can make their kitchen sparkle the most? This way, you can ensure your kitchen is ready for a reopening in a fun and creative way.

A kitchen isn’t just for whipping up sandwiches for the playgroup on a Wednesday afternoon – it’s an important part of your church than can bring your community together. Plus, with a Steelplan Kitchens’ semi-commercial kitchens, you can also make members of your congregation feel warm and welcome in a domestic-style setting that offers all the robustness of a professional space.

To start your new kitchen plans today, call the Steelplan Kitchens team on 0844 809 9186. With a variety of options, from colours, appliances and even floors, we can create your ideal kitchen, one that every member of your community can enjoy.

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