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If the time has come to install a new commercial or semi-commercial kitchen in your church, knowing where to start can be a challenge. But with the right plans, your dream kitchen can soon become a reality…

A well designed semi-commercial kitchen is important for efficient and safe food preparation, but when it comes to a new kitchen for your church and congregation, we understand that it can feel daunting and difficult to know where to start. However, by narrowing down your wish list, understanding the space you have to play with and keeping in mind your budget, planning your new kitchen will begin to feel less stressful and more exciting.

Create a wish list
A great place to start is with a wish list – think about what you want your new semi-commercial kitchen to look like. Do you want colourful cupboards? Will you need a serving hatch? Is there space for an island? Then go further into the practicalities of the new kitchen. Think about what it will be used for and focus on the type of food that you are planning to prepare, as this will affect the equipment you need. For example, if you are planning to open up the new kitchen to Brownies on a Wednesday night, you might want to consider tea-making facilities and a free-standing fridge, but if you plan to run a community café, installing two ovens and a walk-in refrigeration unit might be more beneficial.

Also consider what you are willing to sacrifice from your wish list – while it would be great to include everything, the size and amount of equipment, plus food preparation counter surface, will depend on the purpose of your kitchen. What will your volunteers or staff need to make it work? Make a complete list of all the equipment you need and plan your space around it – making sure there is plenty of room to move around freely.

Planning ahead
It’s important to have a clear budget in mind – and whether the funds are already in place to go full steam ahead. If you’re planning on a complete renovation, you will need to prepare for building, labour, electrical and plumbing costs, but for smaller projects, the budget can afford to be smaller. Don’t forget to think long-term – if you are investing in a new kitchen, try not to cut corners – Steelplan Kitchens are designed to last and with a wide range of units, appliances, sinks and accessories, you can get the maximum from your budget.

You might also need to consider whether the budget is flexible. Of course, identifying the essentials for your kitchen will make the costing process easier, but with a little movement on funds, you might be able to get exactly what you want, and more!

Get ready
A new kitchen takes time to design and install, so think about your desired timeframe. Will your church cope temporarily without access to a sink, oven or freezer, or will you need to close your doors for a while? Preparation is key and communicating with your congregation about the plans will create a more seamless and worry-free upheaval. It could also encourage more hands-on-deck to speed up the process and bring your new kitchen closer to completion! You could also ask your committed congregation, local community and volunteers to prepare their church for new kitchen by helping you organise the old one. Your church’s redundant kitchen will need to be emptied before the work can begin – will you want to replace all the dishes, cups and cookware? Do you have any unwanted items that could be donated to charity or those in need? Where will you store items that you are planning to keep?

With Steelplan Kitchens, starting your new kitchen project will be simple and straightforward. And you can create a complete bespoke solution that suits you, your community, your budget and your plans.

To find out more about fitting a bespoke kitchen at your church wherever you are in your planning journey, call Steelplan Kitchens on 0844 809 9186

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