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Steelplan kitchens are built to last – really last. Described as ‘virtually indestructible’ by one of our clients, these kitchens are robust enough to still be churning out tea and cake for over 10 years. As such, choosing a look that will stand the test of time (or can adapt to it) is important.

Here are our tips to choosing the right finish:

1. Choose your colours carefully
Our doors are available in some fabulously bright colours, and they work brilliantly in church kitchens, injecting light and energy into the space. But bright and bold is not for everyone. Try not to get carried away with the options available and think about what works for your building and your team of volunteers. Of course, if you fall in love with Thompson yellow, we support you 100% (and think it’s lovely paired with a blue-grey wall).

2. Indecisive? Work with colours you can adapt
Just because the kitchen will last, doesn’t mean the paintwork will. If you choose a versatile, neutral tone for your cabinets, you can always go crazy with your wall paint and accessories – besides, a repaint every couple of years helps to keep the space clean and tidy (feel free to use that as your excuse when convincing the committee to splash out on another round of Dulux). Our vinyl wrapped timber doors have some lovely woodgrain finishes: our kitchen consultants will be able to advise if they are right for your purpose.

3. Be careful with accessories and decoration
The primary concern in a church kitchen is always health and safety. Accessories like a picture or clock can be nice, but avoid too many in a small space as they add another hazard, not to mention another object to keep clean. Chalkboards also look lovely in a kitchen, but do generate a lot of dust for a food prep area, so if you have a small space to work in, keep the blackboard outside.

4. Switch up your doors
Cabinet doors arguably take the biggest beating in a semi commercial kitchen. Although our doors have some serious staying power, it is possible to refresh them when you need to – giving you a perfect opportunity to change up your kitchen’s look if you do. But be warned, you’ll be in for a long wait, as these doors will take many years (and a lot of wear and tear) until they’re past their best.

Getting a new kitchen for your church is a big decision to make, at no small expense. If you’re suffering decision fatigue before you’ve even decided on what kitchen to choose, don’t worry. Our kitchen experts offer a free, no obligation consultation service for churches. Call us on 0844 809 9186 to book an appointment.

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