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A good kitchen can support a whole host of charitable work at your church – from fundraisers to food banks to community initiatives. Here are just a few ways that churches are reaching out to those in the need from their kitchen.

Supper club
As austerity continues to bite, food banks are becoming increasingly necessary. If your church is connected to a local food bank, or even if it’s not, a supper club is a great way to help those in need enjoy a hot meal in a friendly environment. This month’s featured church hosts a dinner event once a month, free to food bank users but also attended by members of the congregation.

Daytime refuge
For some people in the community, home is far from the comfortable place it should be, particularly for those struggling to make ends meet, or living alone. Your church already provides a peaceful sanctuary, but why not open your doors once a week (or more) for a tea and cake get together, paid for by charitable contributions from the congregation, for those who need it most.

More than a soup kitchen
A soup kitchen is a brilliant initiative undertaken by churches up and down the country. If your kitchen is robust enough to support some extra catering activity, however, you could host a more substantial meal for homeless people in your area once a month. It’s also a great way to get local businesses in the community involved, as many are happy to help small local charities that are making a real difference in their area.

Charity table events
A great way to raise money for all of those charitable events, these rent-a-table events are a fun night out for your congregation (and a great way to get to know their friends and family in the wider community). Choose a theme, cook a simple dish, organise entertainment (it could be karaoke – if you’re feeling brave – or a local comedian) and maybe host a charity auction, and not only will you raise money for a good cause, but you’ll have fun doing it.

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