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Our kitchen designers know that every church kitchen is different, which is why it’s so important to make sure that every aspect of the space suits the church’s needs. When it comes to choosing appliances – cookers, dishwashers and the like – making the right choice is a numbers game. How many people are using it? How many days a week does it need to be in use?

When it comes to the overall build of the kitchen, it can get more complicated, and getting the right combination of durability and comfort can be tricky. Steelplan’s kitchen designers are experts at creating a bespoke space for any church: here, they share the top three questions they ask to get the right construction and finish for their clients.

How much time will your volunteers spend there?
Is the kitchen going to be manned every day? What will they be doing there? If your volunteers or staff will be spending a lot of time in the kitchen cooking or making tea, it’s important that it can hold up under pressure but still provides a pleasant space to work in. If it’s used only infrequently, a domestic kitchen could do the job, but will still deteriorate over time. A steel construction with finished MDF doors would be a long-lasting and aesthetic choice.

Will it be rented to the public?
If the kitchen will be rented as a food prep area for parties, conferences or meetings, it will need to withstand heavy use. While we’d like to think that everyone will treat a kitchen space with respect, there’s a chance that not every user will be as careful and considerate as your volunteers. A steel work surface will be more resilient to spills and knocks, while powder coated doors won’t retain moisture from overspill in wet areas.

Are you selling kitchen produce?
If you’re selling food from your kitchen as a commercial venture, your kitchen should conform to stricter standards. A steel construction is essential, with at least some steel countertops to ensure safe food preparation. Powder coated doors will be your best option as they are more hygienic, harbouring less bacteria than MDF doors.

At Steelplan Kitchens, our designers have years of experience creating bespoke kitchens that help churches to get the best of both worlds; installing commercial quality kitchens with a cosy, domestic feel. To find out how your church could benefit from a free consultation, call us on 0844 809 9186.

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