Understanding Steelplan Kitchens in 6 questions

1) What is the primary reason for choosing a Steelplan kitchen?

For it's strength & durability. The METAL carcass ensures a Steelplan kitchen will last many times longer than a traditional wooden kitchen in a demanding semi-commercial environment.

2) What are semi-commercial kitchens?

Kitchens that operate between private domestic dwellings and full blown professional catering kitchens. Examples are shown in the gallery section of this website: Schools, Police, Fire & Ambulance Stations, Care Homes & Community buildings, places of worship, student accommodation, hospitals and offices to name but a few.

3) So why is a Steelplan kitchen so strong?

Because the carcass is made entirely from 18 gauge steel. This highly durable carcass is the backbone to the product. It is not only extremely strong, but also impervious to fire & water and does not harbour insects.

4) Does the kitchens' longevity save money?

Yes! The secret is in the life cycle cost savings. An independent study* has proven that as the Steelplan kitchen continues to work year after year, the cost of replacing wooden kitchens that fail along the way starts to dwarf any small difference between the initial capital cost of steel and wood.

5) If a Steelplan kitchen is so strong - is it ugly to look at?

Far from it! With the durability assured you then choose from our magnificent range of doors with a colour to suit your needs. A quick browse through this website will show that the strength also comes with great aesthetics.

6) Does Steelplan Kitchens only offer cabinets?

No we offer everything you could want in the kitchen environment. Starting with a free of charge design & consultancy service through to items such as worktops & splashbacks through to appliances.